The Kitchen Confessions of Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Lords

Revenge, murder, and chilling conversations. El Chapo's fury knew no bounds. Protected witness "Julio" unveils dark secrets, exposing the deadly trio behind two ruthless assassinations.

The Kitchen Confessions of Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Lords
Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán and Héctor 'El Güero' Palma, alleged masterminds behind the ruthless assassinations exposed by a protected witness.

Hola amigos! Get ready for a gripping and blood-curdling tale of revenge, murder, and clandestine conversations overheard in the unlikeliest of places. We dive deep into the shocking revelations of Marcelo Peña García, a protected witness with the mysterious code name "Julio," as he spills the beans on the nefarious deeds of some of Mexico's most notorious drug lords.

Picture this: it's the early 2000s, and Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, the infamous drug lord, is behind bars, trapped like a caged animal. But don't think for a moment that he's lost his ferocity. No, dear reader, El Chapo is brewing a storm of revenge, and it's about to unleash unrelenting fury.

Our story begins with the tale of Juan Pablo de Tavira, the founder of federal prisons, who faced the wrath of El Chapo. It turns out that during his time as director of the Altiplano prison, De Tavira allegedly tortured El Chapo and another unfortunate soul. Well, that's a surefire way to make yourself some deadly enemies.

And so, on November 21, 2000, fate caught up with Juan Pablo de Tavira in Pachuca. A hitman, reportedly procured by Héctor "El Güero" Palma, one of El Chapo's accomplices, carried out a revenge killing, leaving a trail of darkness in its wake.

But the mayhem didn't stop there. Just days later, on December 3, 2000, another target was marked for death. Juan Castillo Alonso, the deputy director of security at Altiplano and Western prisons, met his demise in his very own home in Zapopan, Jalisco. The order for this execution, Peña claims, came straight from the unholy trinity of Guzmán, Palma, and Arturo Martínez Herrera, infamously known as "El Texas."

Now, here comes the juicy part, my friends. Marcelo Peña García, the ex-brother-in-law of El Chapo, who found himself in the precarious position of being a protected witness, dishes on a conversation he overheard while visiting the Occidente prison in Jalisco. Imagine the kitchen becoming a den of evil scheming!

El Chapo, in his ominous way, revealed to his pal El Güero that he'd had enough of De Tavira's psychological torture in the grim confines of the "padded" space. No bed, no bathroom, just dogs barking menacingly outside the door. Yikes! El Chapo wasn't having any of it, and so he vowed to put an end to De Tavira's cruel games, permanently.

"Hey, compadre, Güero, amigo," El Chapo pleaded, "I need your help in sending the right people to end this gentleman's life, Juan Pablo de Tavira Noriega, to be precise. You know, since you have the resources and the people to make it happen."

Without flinching, El Güero replied, "Of course, no problemo. I'll send the right people to take care of it." Chilling, isn't it?

According to the secret informant, the cold-blooded hitman who carried out De Tavira's murder goes by the name of Manuel Tinoco, alias "El Tinoco." Just another pawn in this deadly game orchestrated by the drug lords.

But hold on to your sombreros because there's more to the story. The protected witness accuses Guzmán, Palma, and their accomplice "El Texas" of masterminding both assassinations, sealing their fates as criminals of the darkest kind.

And there you have it! A tale of revenge, torture, and murder that makes Hollywood crime dramas seem like child's play. The world of drug lords is an unforgiving and brutal one, where loyalties shift like the desert sands and trust is as elusive as an oasis.

As we bid adios to this twisted saga, remember that these events are not mere fiction; they are the haunting realities of a dark chapter in Mexico's history. Stay tuned for more gripping stories from the shadows of the underworld. Until then, stay safe and stay away from the wrong side of the law! Adiós, amigos!