The e-commerce pet sector grows and occupies 30% in Mexico

Mexico is the second country in the world with more pets after Argentina, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). For this reason, the pet sector in e-commerce has become more relevant in the last five years, according to the Study Online Sale Mexico conducted by AMVO, with a view to continuing to increase.

The e-commerce pet sector grows in Mexico. Photo: Pixabay
The e-commerce pet sector grows in Mexico. Photo: Pixabay

Currently, the pet sector in e-commerce accounts for 30% of online purchase penetration. Why is this happening? Many people consider their pets as a member of the family, and therefore seek their happiness, comfort, and welfare by acquiring various products and services for them.

But also one of the main reasons why users prefer this channel, is that it is in constant innovation and delivery of their products is faster, easier and more convenient. For example, in the online market of articles intended for felines, we can find compartments such as doors for cats oriented to give greater freedom to the feline, because they are independent animals and autonomous by nature.

Therefore, the owners thinking about their comfort and that of their pet, have the option to see different designs, shapes, and materials of the product without having to go to a physical store to buy it. With a click, you can purchase the item that will later arrive at the doors of your home, avoiding the hustle and bustle we commonly do when shopping. The same happens with other products such as sandboxes for cats, beds, feeders, drinkers, where we can also know the reviews of it.

Another example, every day there is a greater number of balanced food products for pets. Once the product has been chosen, if we have to carry a bag of 20 kilos of food, it is best to have it delivered to your home. It is the same situation we have with other sectors such as the purchase of appliances and even supermarket purchases, where taking transport to carry things becomes a journey, and also accept multiple forms of payment.

Millennials: those most concerned about the welfare of their pets

According to AMVO, those who care about and invest the most time and money in their pets are the millennials, who look for foods that are truly healthy as well as eco-friendly accessories, because they also care about the well-being of the planet.

This generation is more oriented to the welfare of their pets than to comfort, which represents a great area of opportunity for the industry.

The growth of the pet sector in e-commerce is quite noticeable. For example, last year Maskota bought the Petsy startup, in order to reinforce its omnichannel strategy, which evidences the importance of this business in e-commerce in Mexico.

By Mexicanist

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