An American tourist in a complete state of drunkenness tried to swim from Cozumel to Cancun to avoid missing her "flight", so she jumped into the sea to be rescued by sailors of the catamaran "Cancun Adventures 11", who transferred her to the fiscal dock where she was boarded by paramedics from a private clinic for her attention.

The events occurred this Sunday when the possible bad combination of alcohol and other substances caused Elizares Ellen Adair to walk to the Aqua Safari dock located on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue and 5th Street South, where she entered the sea with everything and her backpack to swim towards the continental massif since she said she had to swim to Cancun in order not to miss her flight.

Witnesses made the report to the emergency number C-5, so that Quintana Roo Police personnel arrived, who interviewed the witness who said he had observed that the woman 300 meters from the shore of the boardwalk left her backpack adrift and continued swimming out to sea where he saw that sailors from a boat had rescued her.