Dos Bocas Refinery Rises from the Depths in Record Time

Read the latest news from President López Obrador's morning conference. Discover updates on the Dos Bocas refinery, crime investigations, international cooperation, and the upcoming July 1st celebration.

Dos Bocas Refinery Rises from the Depths in Record Time
Addressing the nation, President López Obrador reiterates his commitment to tackling crime and protecting the lives of the Mexican people.

In an exciting development, the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco has commenced loading with crude oil, according to President López Obrador. He enthusiastically projected that by the start of 2024, the refinery would have the capacity to process a staggering 340 thousand barrels of crude oil. With a touch of pride, he described the Dos Bocas refinery as a unique masterpiece, constructed in record time.

Reflecting on the past four decades, the President lamented the absence of refinery construction in Mexico. Previous administrations focused solely on extracting and selling crude oil, leading the nation to become a net importer of gasoline. The decline in oil production by half over 15 years was a dire consequence of this neglect.

However, under his leadership, investment has been directed towards reviving Pemex, Mexico's state-owned oil company. The President emphasized that his administration has prioritized investing in the southeast and shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which has yielded remarkable results. New oil deposits have been discovered, and Mexico is inching closer to achieving its goal of producing 2 million barrels per day.

Confidently, López Obrador proclaimed that before the end of his term, Mexico would achieve self-sufficiency in oil and would no longer need to import crude oil. This monumental feat demonstrates the success of his administration's efforts to rescue Pemex and prioritize oil production.

Investigations Underway for Car Bomb Attacks in Guanajuato

Moving on to another pressing matter, the President addressed the recent car bomb attacks in Guanajuato. He assured the nation that investigations were already underway, and progress was being made. President López Obrador revealed that the authorities had already confiscated a portion of the weapons belonging to the groups responsible for the attacks. He commended the National Guard and other federal forces for their impeccable performance in tackling the situation while respecting human rights. These brave individuals put their lives on the line to protect the lives of others.

Search Operations Continue for Kidnapped Prison Workers in Chiapas

Concerning the kidnapping of 16 prison workers in Chiapas, the President provided an update, assuring the public that federal and local forces were diligently carrying out search operations. He expressed his unwavering commitment to the case and expressed hope for the safe recovery of the kidnapped public servants.

Resolute against Gangsters, President López Obrador Remains Unyielding

In an unwavering stance against criminal elements, the President emphasized his determination not to concede anything to gangsters. Undeterred by insults and threats, he proclaimed, "I am not going to give in." Drawing inspiration from the historic closing of his campaign at the Azteca Stadium five years ago, the President recounted the immense support his government had received from the people. Despite facing media attacks, his administration continues to enjoy the backing of 65 to 70% of the country's inhabitants. These figures serve as a cause of frustration for his opponents, highlighting the resilience of his administration and the loyalty of the Mexican people.

Critiquing the Media

President López Obrador reiterated his criticisms of the media, arguing that very few information outlets genuinely serve the public interest. He claimed that the majority of media organizations defend vested interests and have become hostile towards his administration. Surprisingly, the President admitted that he took pleasure in the media's attacks, as it signaled that he was not beholden to those interests. He firmly believed that the media's role should be one of liberation for the people, rather than an instrument for imposing narratives.

Celebrating Five Years of Morena's Triumph

Looking ahead, President López Obrador expressed excitement about the upcoming celebration on July 1st. This event marks the fifth anniversary of Morena's triumph in the Mexican presidency. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the challenges his administration has faced over the past five years and celebrating their achievements. With resolute determination, he urged the nation to continue the transformational journey, vowing not to allow setbacks.

Questioning Strategies and Addressing Homicide Rates

Delving into the realm of security and crime, President López Obrador questioned the strategy implemented by former President Felipe Calderón to combat organized crime. He highlighted the alarming number of casualties during Calderón's six-year term and suggested that agreements may have existed between the government and criminal groups at the time. The President called on the media outlet El Reforma to investigate these claims further.

Expressing regret over the recent murder of Hipólito Mora, a former vigilante leader in Michoacán, the President linked the event to the narco-state that prevailed during Calderón's administration. President López Obrador emphasized that his government pursues an alternative strategy, focusing on addressing the root causes of violence rather than resorting to violent means.

Statistics on intentional homicide were presented, showing a downward trend since the beginning of President López Obrador's term. Although reducing intentional homicides has proven to be the most challenging aspect of his administration's crime-fighting efforts, the President highlighted that May 2023 saw the lowest number of homicides in six years.

International Cooperation and Development Programs

Shifting focus to international cooperation, Laura Elena Carrillo Cubillas, the director of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), highlighted Mexico's long-standing commitment to humanitarian aid. Mexico's efforts have included the donation of ventilators to Central American and Caribbean countries, as well as the contribution of over 2 million anti-virus vaccines.

Carrillo Cubillas emphasized the importance of supporting other nations in times of emergency, citing the aid provided to countries like Cuba and Turkey during challenging times. AMEXCID's work in recovering and protecting Mexican cultural assets from trafficking and sale abroad was also commended.

President López Obrador reiterated the necessity of addressing the root causes of forced migration. Mexico has implemented a development plan in collaboration with Central American and Caribbean countries, which it hopes the United States will support financially. By prioritizing development and well-being, the President stated that Mexico sets an example for the world, favoring peaceful approaches over the use of force.

The celebration on July 1st will serve as a testament to the progress achieved thus far while reinvigorating the nation's determination to forge ahead on the path of change.