Sargassum seaweed is back on the beaches of the Dominican Republic


The sargassum has once again made its presence felt on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, producing a large accumulation of this type of algae which, in normal times, disrupts the lives of those who live in these spaces on a daily basis.

In a tour carried out by Listín Diario, it was observed that the sargassum appears in abundance in the waters of the seafront, whose waves drag a considerable amount of this material.

In the last few years, hotel companies have had to implement additional plans to collect the large number of algae that accumulates on the beaches at this time of the year, thus disrupting the use of these spaces for bathing.

Due to their volume, specialists have suggested that they are used for the creation of fuels, especially biodiesel, for greater use.

Last year, a regional summit was held in which ministers, businessmen, and scientists who addressed the problem in Mexico participated, with representatives from all over the region, including the Dominican Republic.

The main objective was to activate a regional agreement that pays attention to this invasive species that affects tourism and fishing in the region.

Algae cause, among other ills, the reduction of oxygen in the water, the death of corals and seaweed, and the loss of beaches.

Experts have said it will take some getting used to living with them in the Caribbean, because they are mostly caused by deforestation.