The massive arrival of sargassum in the eastern coastal area of the Dominican Republic is affecting the main tourist destinations. In this regard, Ernesto Veloz, president of the Association of Hotels of the East (Asoleste), explained that this week has been complicated in some beach segments.

He indicated that they are working with the Sargasso Committee, which is managed by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), and are working to find a solution. At present, the sargasso is affecting the beaches of Bávaro, Ubero Alto and sometimes Bayahíbe.

They have to look for the necessary solutions to coexist with this product of the sea because they cannot eradicate it, according to Diario Libre.

Everything that brings the sargassum is negative, because the stench of the decomposition of this one, generates an annoying situation on the beaches, the volume of the sargassum makes it difficult for the tourists to enjoy bathing on the beach. "The sargasso is a situation of nature, it comes cyclically in these seasons and that is determined by the marine currents when they change", he added.

One of the plans is to install a barrier to stop the sargassum and collect it before it reaches the beach, or in another case, an efficient collection system. He also said that a bidding process will be carried out to receive the options from the bidders and the committee will decide which companies will provide the service, depending on the conditions they present.