Do you have a cat? Five tips that will save your home

If you have a cat follow these five tips to avoid surprises or disastrous scenes that may cause you stress with because of your pet.

Do you have a cat? Five tips that will save your home
If your cat is comfortable, safe, and happy, you will be too. Photo by Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash

Having a cat is one of the best experiences, some of us are cat lovers, others like dogs, birds, reptiles or other species, regardless of that, we all share a special love for them and they become part of our life and family.

That is why it is so important for them to have a clean, well-cared for, and comfortable space, and at the same time for us; although we must not forget or fail to mention that our pets can get into mischief.

Although they are so cute when they are puppies or puppies, it is normal but to avoid this type of mischief you should observe their behavior, and if necessary you can take them to a training school and their behavior can improve.

This way you will avoid surprises or disastrous scenes that may cause you stress or you may get angry with your pet. For this, if you have a cat here are five tips for you to put into practice; which can make any house an ideal home.

Having a litter box

Cats are characterized by having a really strong urine odor because it is very pungent. It is ideal to have strategies to neutralize the odor and avoid discomfort both at home and even to neighbors or those who are nearby.

Felines stand out for being neat animals, as they are more demanding than dogs when it comes to hygiene. In this regard, they need a space where they can feel comfortable and at the same time safe, where they can feel that they have total privacy. When they do their needs, they will look for a place with these characteristics.

All this, it is important to have a litter box, and this will make the cat feel comfortable and calm and so there will be no problems at home. It is only a matter of placing it in a suitable spot and changing the litter frequently, there are different types of cat litter ( check the benefits of each one).

Offer scratching posts

Cats need to scratch and scratch, this is completely natural in all felines, they do it to keep their claws in the best conditions, being a fundamental part of their body. They even do this activity as a way to de-stress and feel good.

As a result, a cat will always look for a surface where to sharpen its claws, such as the sofa, pillows, sheets, or any other object. To prevent them from doing damage, it is best to give them scratching posts, placing them in various places in the house.

Ensuring toys with height

Cats love heights, they often look for the highest places at home, this allows them to have the best view of everything around and along with it, to have control of the place. To avoid the feline climbing on furniture where there are ornaments that can break, causing accidents, the best thing is to make sure to buy them play towers.

These play towers should have different levels or heights so that the kitty can climb and jump. This will make your pets happy, and help them be completely healthy, as it will also allow them to keep fit and develop their hunting skills.

Keep cabinets and appliances closed

Kitties also have a great tendency to hide, they love to find places where they enjoy and use the place as a hiding place. This leads them to get into closets, washing machines, dryers, and other similar spaces.

So that there are no problems and everything is kept safe, these points of the house must be clear, also do not forget to close the cabinets and cover appliances. This way no one will be surprised when you want to use the appliances and when no one is at home, the kitty can not be trapped.

The magic of windows

Cats are curious by nature, they love to explore and one of their favorite activities is usually to look out the window because it is a place that keeps them aware of anything new, noises, and smells. So to avoid accidents, they must be closed, but it is also useful to install some kind of protector or mosquito net.