Family abandons their dog for "gay behavior"

Apart from rejecting this behavior, his owners had him poorly cared for to the extent that he had parasites in his heart.

Family abandons their dog for "gay behavior"
Aside from rejecting this behavior, his owners had poorly cared for him to the point that he had parasites in his heart. Photo: Facebook

Have you ever heard of discrimination against pets for "gay behavior"? Well, it happened in the United States, when the owners of Fezco, as he was originally named, a dog between 4 and 5 years old, weighing about 22 kilograms, was abandoned in a shelter in Stanly County, North Carolina because they believed he had gay behaviors.

According to the Stanly County Animal Protective Services shelter, the owners arrived with Fezco a few days ago and said they had seen the dog riding another male dog. And that they considered those to be gay behaviors, so they didn't want to keep him around and decided to surrender him to the shelter.

The shelter staff could not leave it at that, after hearing the absurd excuses for his abandonment and seeing the good health of the canine, they published Fezco's story in networks to find him a new home.

The search did not take long, they quickly received a response from a family that was willing to love and care for him. The animal loves to be with other dogs, play, and is friendly with people.

After placing Fezco in a safe place, with people who love him, the shelter posted an update on the situation on their social media.

His name is now Oscar, honoring Oscar Wilde. The family claims that the dog, in addition to having been discriminated against, was not well cared for, since in a check-up with the veterinarian they realized that the dog has not been neutered and had parasites in his heart.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, riding or pushing others can be a normal play or masturbation behavior in pets and is not necessarily an indication of sexuality.