So far this year, 83 probable and 10 confirmed cases of dengue fever have been registered in the southern zone of Sinaloa state, which corresponds to Health Jurisdiction V, of which 6 are with warning signs and 4 are not serious, so the health sector reinforced the fumigation and larval control work at risk points in the last week.

During this week, larval control works were carried out in the colonies Infonavit Jabalíes, Fovisste Playa Azul, Jacarandas, Ramón F. Iturbe, Lico Velarde, and 20 de Noviembre, as well as actions of cleaning of garbage in the colonies Insurgentes and Tierra y Libertad, and hospitals, Covid vaccination centers, health centers, medical specialties units (UNEMES) and administrative offices of the Ministry of Health were immunized.

In all confirmed cases, residual or thermal spraying, spatial spraying, and larval control have been carried out, and the pertinent actions are being taken so that there is no reoccurrence of cases. In these neighborhoods, 3,170 houses were visited and larvicides were applied and health promotion was carried out door to door with 5 health sector brigades with the participation of 35 people from Vectors.

In the elimination of mucus breeding sites, also participating are personnel from the Directorate of Ecology and Environment, Municipal Public Services, Public Works, and staff of rehabilitation centers. Public support was requested to the population to help in the work of removing the garbage from yards, attending the brigades, and removing tires, containers, and objects that can be used as water containers, so that they can be taken away by the trucks.

So far this year, 1,030 tons of garbage have been eliminated in Mazatlan, which represents 92.7% of the annual goal of 1,100 tons, which is expected to be exceeded by far by the end of the year. The work of eliminating hatcheries in the municipality of Elota totaled 99 tons, San Ignacio 13 tons and Concordia 86 tons.

During the last week, work has been carried out in space spraying activities and, above all, hospitals, Covid vaccination centers, and health centers have been immunized, as well as UNEMES and the offices of the Secretariat so that people can go to their facilities with complete confidence.