How to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Los Cabos

You may make the most of the celebrations for the Day of the Dead in Los Cabos by participating in the following five activities.

How to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Los Cabos
Learn the ins and outs of the Los Cabos Day of the Dead celebration. Photo by Valeria Almaraz / Unsplash

One of Mexico's most popular places has created unique aromatic, color, flavor, and texture experiences. Here are five activities for the Day of the Dead in Los Cabos.

A Celebration with a Los Cabos Flavor

Since 2015, Flora Farms has held its annual Day of the Dead altar competition on the second of November for the benefit of the neighborhood. They emphasize originality, gorgeous colors, and music. The event features a traditional Mexican meal and emphasizes how the Choyeros, the locals that reside in the destination, celebrate this holiday. Visitors can vote for their favorite altars and commemorate this national holiday with a Los Cabos flair through social media in addition to taking in this vibrant tour.

From the Farm-to-Table Restaurant

The Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant, which is 5 minutes from the Cabo San Lucas Marina, will open on November 2 at 6:00 p.m. to transport guests to a special experience where the hues and scents of this iconic tradition will be the stars of a lovely evening. The cuisine made with organic ingredients will reacquaint you with nature over a three-course cocktail supper with dessert stations. In addition, there will be a display of catrinas and alebrijes, fireworks, and the unveiling of a massive altar adorned with marigolds, confetti, pictures, and all the customary Day of the Dead celebration components.

Day of the Dead: "Altars at Sea"

The Nautical Festival "Altars at Sea" will take place in the Cabo San Lucas Marina on November 1 and 2, from noon to 10:00 p.m. This Day of the Dead festival in Los Cabos comprises a parade of boats that have been adorned in this theme and will be animated by live music, fireworks, and projections that will showcase Mexican culture in five different Sea of Cortez scenarios.

Dinner with a Mediterranean and Mexican Fusion

Visitors can savor a magnificent 5-course supper at Pueblo Bonito Montecristo Estates Luxury Villas that honors the themes that define the resort's gastronomic proposal by fusing the tastes of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine.

Nightlife and Day of the Dead

The Corazón Cabo, located in the center of Cabo San Lucas Bay, will be celebrating Halloween and the Day of the Dead with its visitors in a festive manner. The highest point in Los Cabos, Rooftop 360, will host themed parties on October 29 and 30 where visitors can compete in a costume contest. The best music will be played during this event by resident DJs, who will up the fun factor with each beat and provide the ideal ambiance for taking in one of Los Cabos' top views. Visitors to this opulent resort will be able to savor a 4-course dinner at the beach club on November 1st, where they will be able to observe the season's nautical parade that brings the magic of the Day of the Dead through the waters of the Sea of Cortez in addition to being able to admire the horizon illuminated by the moon's reflection.