Discover the past and present of Cuernavaca and the stories that surround it

Spend an incredible weekend visiting Cuernavaca, a place that will leave you surprised by the number of proposals for fun and relaxation. Experience the thrill of touring Cuernavaca, the "City of Eternal Spring", step by step.

Discover the past and present of Cuernavaca and the stories that surround it
Cuernavaca, Morelos. Images: Morelos.gob

Cuernavaca, capital of the State of Morelos, is one of the oldest cities in Mexico and is located 85 kilometers from Mexico City. But what is it exactly that has attracted the attention of so many to this city? Most say that the region's climate has enraptured them, so much so that Cuernavaca is known as "The City of Eternal Spring".

And it is precisely this fame that has turned it into a place to stroll and rest. The first must-see for all visitors is undoubtedly its cathedral, originally called Ex-Franciscan convent of the Assumption of the XVI century, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The cathedral is an incredibly beautiful sight, its architecture, as well as its beautiful green gardens, are an attraction for anyone who likes to know the history of the monuments and how they have come to be consolidated as world heritage. When we are in a city like this, with a rich history and so many important tourist attractions, we do not have time to know everything, for that reason the Tourist Train offers visitors and residents the possibility of knowing more, in a safe and fun way.

This unique and interesting ride has 4 routes, which will take you to discover different places throughout the city. The costs to take part in these rides vary according to the season. After you have enjoyed this enchanting tour, it is time to take a good break to enjoy the food of the region and there is nothing better than doing it in the most exclusive and renowned places of the city, starting with La Universal, Los Arcos, Gaia Bistro, Casa Hidalgo or Marco Polo, all of them have an excellent and strategic location in the Historic Center.

Historic Center of Cuernavaca
Cuernavaca Historic Center

After having tasted the exquisite dishes offered by these restaurants it is time to continue getting to know Cuernavaca, and go directly to the Robert Brady Museum, located next to the Cathedral is this house-museum, which presents several collections that were gathered by the American Robert Brady, with more than 1300 pieces, which can be observed along the tour of the house that has 14 rooms, which to this day are found as Brady left them.

Just a few steps away from this site is the Borda Garden, which was a summer mansion with beautiful gardens, built by the rich miner from Taxco, José de la Borda. After his death, the emperors Maximiliano and Carlota selected this place as their summer residence. Currently, the Borda Garden is part of the Institute of Culture of Morelos, and here are held exhibitions of painting, sculpture, plastic arts, and photography, as well as dance shows, theater, and a large number of concerts.

At sunset, it is time to start looking for the ideal place for comfort and rest, very close to the center of the city you will find exclusive hotels such as Bajo el Volcán, el B+B, María Cristina, Villa Rosa, and La Casona Galerías, all of them have beautiful and comfortable rooms, as well as excellent and warm service.

Sunset in Cuernavaca
Sunset in Cuernavaca

The next morning you should visit the Cuauhnáhuac Museum, which today is known as the Palace of Cortés, besides having three murals made by the famous painter Diego Rivera, at its entrance you can observe the pre-Hispanic remains of a Tlahuica construction, as well as three monoliths that enclose the testimony of an indigenous past.

In front of the Palacio de Cortés is located the main square of the city, where we find the Government Palace building, built between 1955 and 1969 with stone, quarry, and tezontle, very close to there we find the Plazuela del Zacate, a small cobblestone street where musicians perform all kinds of songs to the rhythm of guitar, the Plazuela is today one of the most frequented meeting points in the city.

Relax by the pool in Cuernavaca
Relax by the pool in Cuernavaca

Another emblematic and recognized place is El Castillito, a site full of photographs that will take you on a journey through the time and history of Cuernavaca, meters ahead you will find the church of San José, better known as the church of El Calvario, whose construction is imposing, outside the temple you can see El Capitel, a building that has managed to consolidate itself as a unique piece in Mexico.

To bring your loved ones a beautiful and certain reminder that you were here, it is recommended to buy some detail that you can find in the various art galleries of the region, such as the one located inside the Borda Garden and also in the Crafts Market, where you will surely find a nice article to remember the "City of the Eternal Spring" that is Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos, Mexico.

Don't forget before you go to Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca is one hour from Mexico City.

Book your lodging in advance.

Remember to visit the city's museums, which do not charge admission on Sundays.

Bring some handicrafts from the region.

Visit the Zocalo, a place where you will spend pleasant moments with the artists that every weekend gather there to entertain the passerby.