Crocodile Found Carrying Human Body in Puerto Vallarta

Discover the news from Puerto Vallarta! From a crocodile carrying a human body to a congress on peacebuilding, a mango festival, dengue fever cases, and enhanced air connectivity, stay informed with the latest happenings in this Mexican city.

Crocodile Found Carrying Human Body in Puerto Vallarta
Residents of Puerto Vallarta witness a chilling spectacle as a crocodile is found carrying a human body in its snout along the Ameca River.

In a bizarre and gruesome incident, residents of Puerto Vallarta's Las Juntas district in Jalisco were left in shock as they stumbled upon a crocodile parading around with a human body clenched in its formidable jaws. The chilling discovery took place at the intersection of Arnulfo R. Gómez and Lázaro Cárdenas, along the Ameca River's shoreline. The grisly scene was first noticed by a young minor who quickly alerted the perplexed locals.

One witness, who spoke to Fuerza Informativa Azteca, recounted the horrifying encounter with the crocodile: "I spotted it from afar, carrying the body in its belly, gnawing at it. Oh, the stench was unbearable, it made me nauseous." The witnesses wasted no time and rushed to notify the authorities, seeking immediate intervention. Responding promptly to the distress call, the rescue corps arrived at the scene.

Another witness described the chilling moment when they tried to deter the crocodile's macabre procession: "I hurled a stone at it, causing the reptile to drop the body. I then hurriedly informed a gentleman nearby to contact the authorities." The emergency services, upon arrival, entered the property where the crocodile had abandoned the remains. The victim, a male, was in an advanced state of decomposition and was tragically missing a hand, which the crocodile had presumably devoured. The remains were subsequently transported to the Forensic Medical Service for further investigation and identification.

Initial reports suggest that it is unclear whether the crocodile had dragged the body to that particular location days prior or if the victim had fallen prey to a crime that led to their demise. The investigation aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this bizarre and distressing incident.

First State Congress on Strengthening Citizenship and Peace Building Comes to Puerto Vallarta

While the residents of Puerto Vallarta grapple with the shocking crocodile incident, the city is gearing up to host the much-anticipated First State Congress on Strengthening Citizenship and Peace Building. Scheduled for July 13 and 14, the event will take place at the CTM auditorium. With a focus on promoting community development and peace, the congress will explore topics such as co-responsibility in the face of violence, detecting issues that give rise to violence, and contributing to violence prevention.

Civil society organizations, engaged in programs with similar objectives, will attend the event, offering a platform to share their experiences and insights. This gathering aims to foster commitment and empathy towards vulnerable groups, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility among the attendees.

Savor the Delights of Puerto Vallarta's Mango Festival

Amidst the recent events, Puerto Vallarta remains determined to celebrate its rich culinary heritage with the upcoming fifth Mango Festival. Organized by locals passionate about showcasing the city's gastronomy, this festival promises to captivate taste buds with an array of mango-infused delicacies. The event will be held on Saturday, July 15, at the Lázaro Cárdenas Park, also known as the Parque de los Azulejos.

Over 25 renowned restaurants will participate, offering a diverse selection of dishes highlighting the sweet and tangy flavors of this tropical fruit. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, the Mango Festival is a celebration of Puerto Vallarta's regional culinary prowess. Notably, all proceeds from the festival will be dedicated to the construction of the House of Culture, fostering cultural exchange between Puerto Vallarta and its sister city, Highland Park in Ixtapa.

Dengue Fever Cases Confirmed in Puerto Vallarta

The Ministry of Health of Jalisco, through its Eighth Health Region in Puerto Vallarta, has confirmed two cases of dengue fever in the popular tourist destination. These cases contribute to the six others reported throughout the state this year. Jaime Alvarez Zayas, the head of the Eighth Health Region, clarified that Puerto Vallarta has recorded two confirmed cases, while an additional case has been identified in the municipality of Tomatlan within the region. Health officials are working diligently to contain the spread of the disease and ensure the well-being of the local population.

Alaska Airlines to Boost Puerto Vallarta's Air Connectivity

Puerto Vallarta continues its efforts to strengthen air connectivity, and the latest endeavor involves a partnership with Alaska Airlines, one of its long-standing commercial collaborators. A seasonal high-season route has been inked, which will see the introduction of a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada, starting from December 14 until April 9, 2024. This strategic move aims to tap into the bustling winter tourism market, offering a glimpse into the potential appeal for future endeavors.

The Tourism Trust revealed that this venture will provide invaluable insights into the market dynamics and attractiveness for the targeted demographic. With Puerto Vallarta's natural beauty and vibrant culture, the collaboration with Alaska Airlines holds promise for an enhanced travel experience for visitors and locals alike.