Who are the Los Tequileros gangsters?

In the state of Guerrero, a criminal organization that goes by the name "Los Tequileros" emerged as a significant force several years ago.

Who are the Los Tequileros gangsters?
This is how "Los Tequileros" left part of the town hall facade in San Miguel Totolapan. Credit: Jacob Morales A.

The group calling itself "Los Tequileros" is a criminal cell that has become relevant years ago in Guerrero. It is a group that in 2016 or 2018 took relevance in the area, they were declared, even, as the number one criminal leader, by the then prosecutor of Guerrero and the governor.

They took the name "Los Tequileros" due to their taste for drinking tequila and it is presumed that they had more than 100 members. Wednesday afternoon's attack was attributed to the group known as "Los Tequileros," but that is just one of the 22 criminal groups registered by intelligence sources as operating in Guerrero. At least 22 groups are disputing territories and drug trafficking. Among those with the most presence are:

1.- Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.
2.- La Familia Michoacana
3.- Guerreros Unidos
4.- Los Rojos
5.- Los Tlacos
6.- Acapulco Independent Cartel
7.- Los Granados
8.- Los Ardillos
9.- Gente Nueva
10.- Southern Cartel
11.- Knights Templar
12.- New Blood
13.- Los Añorve
14.- Los Beltran Leyva
15.- Los Rusos
16.- La Empresa
17.- Los Capuchinos
18.- La Sierra Cartel
19.- La Bandera

These groups would be distributed in the central zone, Tierra Caliente, northern zone, Acapulco, Costa Chica, Montaña, and Costa Grande.

History of "Los Tequileros" criminal gang

This was an armed wing of the 'Guerreros Unidos' cartel for the dispute of the northern region of Guerrero with 'La Familia Michoacana'. This included Arcelia, Ajuchitlán del Progreso, Zirándaro, Apaxtla de Castrejón, and Coyuca de Catalán.

The group was known for threatening and extorting mayors in the region. Their meeting point was San Antonio La Gavia, in the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan.

Their leader was Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, who created the group after he was an ally of Johnny Hurtado 'El Pez', a member of 'La Familia Michoacana'.

Under his power, the kidnappings and murders of two councilmen were carried out. In 2016, Juan Mendoza Acosta, mayor of the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, expressed his support for the group since he was threatened.

One of the most controversial moments was when in 2016 they deprived engineer Isauro de Paz Duque of his freedom. Even El Tequilero's mother publicly asked her son to release the professional.

Authorities mentioned that De Almonte died in February 2018, after he and part of his group clashed with community police. At least 12 people from the gang died.

After that, the criminal group was said to have been disbanded, as they had already arrested the leader's partner, Keiry Acosta, and his brother, Gilberto Jacobo, among other members.

The news of his death came half a year later. Authorities said the information had not been released because no one had asked.

The second in command, Abelardo Miranda Uriostegui, was apprehended weeks after the original leader's death.