10 countries where you can go on student exchange

Participate in a student exchange program and visit educational institutions in other parts of the world, such as South America, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

10 countries where you can go on student exchange
Listed below are ten nations that provide student exchange programs. Photo by Naassom Azevedo / Unsplash

The opportunity to study at a foreign university is unique and it is an unforgettable experience, which changes those who dare to leave their country to prepare and live in another culture. It has been proven that studying abroad helps the integral formation of those who embark on this adventure in at least six aspects of their professional and personal career:

1.-Generally, when you travel, you grow and become stronger emotionally.
2.-You, expand your knowledge and perspectives.
3.-You, practice and learn other languages.
4.-You, get to know other cultures.
5.-You will have unique job opportunities with international companies.
6.-You, create a network of collaborators, friends, and networking that enables unlimited opportunities in your life.

However, it is not just a matter of going to any country; you have to know how to make the right choice. At least three aspects must be taken into account when starting a study trip: the destination; the university where you will study; and the program.

Where can you go on a student exchange?

There is a wide range of educational offers around the world so that any student can travel to different countries, rich in culture and leaders in areas such as technology, science, economics, research, and health, such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Montenegro, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

Following is a list of possible places to study abroad and the universities to which you may apply if you are interested in gaining multicultural experience as part of your professional education.


This South American country is one of the strongest in the region's economic bloc and has the greatest presence and weight in politics in the Americas and worldwide. In addition, it is an excellent option since, according to experts, the general cost of education is extremely low and allows great cultural immersion. Colombia is home to top-ranked universities and allows visitors to interact with other international students. Life is happier in this region because of its tropical climate, low cost, and beautiful cities.

Costa Rica

This country has one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America and a solid educational system, which makes it one of the best options to study and have an international experience. At the same time, it has beautiful tropical landscapes, is multicultural, and is recognized for its environmental awareness since 99% of its energy comes from renewable resources. It is the perfect place to study and live.


It is a country also located in South America with an amazing variety of climates, landscapes, natural resources, and friendly people. The biodiversity in nature, fruits, and animals is very high, so the quality of life, in housing and food, is also high; its inhabitants have an enterprising character, and its culture is rich and varied.


A country of beautiful coasts. It is known as one of the most accessible in Europe, offers an excellent quality of life, is cheaper than others in the European area, and has excellent services; it has been pointed out as a fantastic destination for foreigners and has a high educational level.


This Asian destination has many positive characteristics that make it an ideal place to study. Although it is a former Spanish colony, English is its official language, and it has the largest Catholic population in Asia. It has a high level of security in its central areas, a valuable economic standard of living, a highly skilled labor force, a friendly population, and a tax-free foreign income. Its climate is tropical but pleasant for the student who desires exotic destinations.


This is a magical country, with a different culture, and people who surprise the world every day, and it is a developing nation, with a growing economy, that offers facilities to study, great opportunities for global networking, provides education beyond the classroom, and complex history and culture that challenge the minds of those who visit it. In addition, it is full of travel opportunities and everyone who visits comes back changed mentally and spiritually. This makes for a total adventure.


It is another exotic destination in Asia that offers an education with open doors to cultural exchange, reasonable cost, and life in the middle of a country full of paradisiacal places. It is made up of 17,000 islands with volcanoes, seas, ancient temples, and vibrant cities full of friendly people and excellent gastronomic culture because it is made up of more than 300 ethnic groups and dozens of languages. On the other hand, it offers a wide variety of cultural and sports activities to its visitors.


Although little has been heard of it, it is a destination that is recognized as an important emerging center of education, politics, and economy in the Central Asian region. It is a country rich in oil and gas resources, the richest and largest of the countries in the region, with modern cities and a vibrant and traditional culture that surprises the visitor. Studying here is one of the most interesting opportunities there can be because of the grandeur of this country and all it has to offer.


It is another of the magical and oldest countries on the list, with a rich and prolific culture that surprises those who know it, which is why it is one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Its climate is one of the most pleasant and allows a comfortable lifestyle with healthy food and society is concerned about the education of its citizens. The cities in Turkey offer a multicultural experience, a low cost of living, and beauty, both outside and inside the cities, with mountains, beautiful architecture, valleys, lakes, and more.


It is another magical place that offers visitors a whole range of opportunities to grow their vision of the ancient and modern worlds; it has wonders like the Pyramids of Giza, natural beauties like the Nile River, libraries, palaces, sporting events, cafes, cinemas, and shopping malls, and in turn, adds a mix of options to study as schools and universities.