Coronavirus latest: number of Covid-19 cases in Mexico


The Ministry of Health (SSa) announced that as of Monday, May 3, there have been 217,345 deaths caused by the coronavirus disease in Mexico. This means that in the last 24 hours 112 deaths were added to the national statistics. They also reported that 1,872,375 recovered from COVID-19 disease. Currently there is a record of 2,349,900 total cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Mexico, so in the last 24 hours 1,027 new infections were added, informed Dr. Jose Luis Alomia Zegarra.

Likewise, the Epidemiology Director highlighted that the country started week 18 with a significant decrease with the monitoring of the pandemic in Mexico; it has been 15 consecutive weeks with a decreasing index, since it started until today, the maximum occupancy was reduced to 81% compared to the figures of the highest presence of COVID-19 cases. In relation to the general availability of hospital beds, it remains at 12% at the national level; the 32 states maintain a general bed use of less than 30% of the capacity of health centers. Of the 29,152 beds available, only 3,426 are occupied.

The figures for beds with ventilator, which treat serious patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, are: of 10,193 available beds, 8,614 are unused and only 1,579 are occupied, which represents a national occupancy rate of 15 percent. Only two states of the republic maintain an occupancy between 30 and 49% of their capacity, which are Chihuahua and Tabasco. The remaining states register less than 30% of the use of ventilator beds.

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, updated the vaccination figures in the country. From December 2020 to the May 3 cutoff, 18,471,669 doses have been applied and 25,222 have been lost, due to transfers for final delivery. In relation to the number of complete schemes in the vaccinated population is 12,625, 860 which represents 10% of the total Mexican population.

Regarding the number of Events Suspected to be Associated to Vaccination or Immunization, for this Monday 17,273 cases were registered, representing 0.1% of the doses applied. Only 299 (1.7%) have been reported as serious and required specialized medical attention. The public official emphasized that the registration for the vaccination of people between 50 and 59 years of age has already begun and invited the population to visit the web page to carry out the process of emptying the information and to know the vaccination dates in the next few days.

He also clarified that no sectors of the population are being "discriminated", he explained that due to the national strategy and the time of creation of the medicine, groups sensitive to serious infections were chosen. He asked the public for more patience and assured that everyone will be provided with the antigen. Finally, Hugo Lopez-Gatell confirmed that several indexes have shown a downward trend in the number of infections and hospitalized persons in the country. He pointed out that the vaccine is one of them but not the main one:

"This reduction depends on many factors, it is not only the contribution made by vaccination, although it is important, but it is still a small percentage to suppose that the vaccine plays an important role in this reduction, but it is contributing", concluded Lopez-Gatell.

What do the different colors of the warning light mean?


If hospital occupancy exceeds 65% or if there are two continuous weeks of stable increase, only essential economic activities will be allowed, and people will also be allowed to walk around their homes during the day.


If hospital occupancy is below 65% and if there are two continuous weeks of a downward trend, in addition to the essential economic activities, companies of non-essential economic activities will be allowed to work with 30% of the personnel for their operation, always taking into account the maximum care measures for people with a higher risk of presenting a severe COVID-19 condition, open public spaces will be opened with a reduced capacity (number of people).


If hospital occupancy is below 50% and if there are two continuous weeks of a downward trend, all work activities are allowed, taking care of people at highest risk of severe COVID-19. Open public space is opened on a regular basis, and closed public spaces can be opened with reduced capacity. As with other traffic light colors, these activities should be conducted with basic precautionary measures and maximum care for those most at risk of severe COVID-19.


If hospital occupancy is below 50% and at least one month with stable low occupancy, all activities are permitted, including school activities.

By Mexicanist, Sources: daily and weekly updates from Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Mexican Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion