Yucatan confirms 63 cases of Covid-19

Until this Saturday, April 4, in Yucatan, 63 positive cases of Covid-19 have been formed, according to data from the local Health Secretariat, arguing that since the beginning of the contingency, 364 suspicious cases have been detected in the entity, while two have died.

According to the agency, 63 patients are still under study and 238 cases have already been ruled out, while 43 of the confirmed cases have already recovered, show no symptoms, and are not contagious.

Meanwhile, 12 are stable, isolated in their homes, constantly monitored by SSY medical staff and have mild symptoms.

He added that seven of the positive cases are hospitalized and in total isolation, including a British citizen whose government requested humanitarian aid from Mexico and who was diagnosed here.

The other British passenger, who tested positive, has mild symptoms and is in isolation, as indicated by the protocols, permanently monitored by medical personnel from the health sector.

The Yucatan patients infected and diagnosed in Canada and Peru remain hospitalized; these two cases are not included in the official figures. The age range of confirmed cases is 17-78 years.

The governor of the state, Mauricio Vila, invited the Yucatanians to stay at home, since this is "one of the most effective strategies to stop the chain of contagion, they must go out on the streets only to buy medicine, food or for those who work in companies essential to the functioning of society.

He also said that using the mask in public areas has been a successful initiative in several countries to stop contagion.


Stay at home, comply with the provisions decreed by the Federal Government. This will help prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

Let's take care of the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities, which are the most vulnerable groups.

If you return or are on a trip, stay isolated for 14 days.

We urge the population to be aware of official warnings and to avoid disseminating messages or audios with false content, which do not come from official sources.

The telephone line 800 YUCATAN (800 982 2826) is available in Spanish and in Mayan and is for the exclusive use of people who present symptoms of Coronavirus Covid 19. There is more information about Covid 19 on the website coronavirus.yucatan.gob.mx, also in Mayan and Spanish.

We will be updating this information every day, by this same means.

There is more information about the virus at the website coronavirus.yucatan.gob.mx, also in Mayan and Spanish.

By Mexicanist