Yucatan coronavirus update: 1,244 Covid-19 cases and 95 deaths

The Yucatan Health Secretariat revealed that it conducted 119 random tests to detect cases of coronavirus among residents of the San Benito and Lucas de Galvez markets, located in Merida, which yielded 47 positive cases of COVID-19.

Yucatan coronavirus trend line. Data: Ministry of Health
Yucatan coronavirus trend line. Data: Ministry of Health

The state agency said that of these 47, only five could be included within the federal platform that brings together all the confirmed cases at the national level, because, according to the secretariat, the other cases do not meet the requirements set by the federal government.

"In this epidemiological exercise, 119 samples were taken, of which 47 tested positive. Of these, only five cases can be included within the national platform, because this is established by the guidelines of the federal government, so the remaining 42 cases, by regulation, are not considered within the statistics," reported Patricia Muñoz Miranda, leader of the Program against Respiratory Diseases of Yucatan.

"The state government, in the interest of transparency during the health emergency, reports the development of this specific case," she continued.

Unofficial sources linked to the process reported that the reason for not including them is that, despite the presence of the coronavirus in their bodies, these people did not present symptoms related to COVID-19.

The Yucatan Ministry of Health and the city of Merida announced that the above-mentioned markets will be closed in their entirety for two weeks starting May 20.

"We went from surprise to concern," acknowledged Rene Barrera Concha, the mayor of Merida, in an interview with El Financiero, regarding the disclosure of these data.

"You don't have to be a doctor to know that an infected person is a promoter of further contagion," he said.

This was the first exercise done in the city to study the possibility of an eventual reopening of economic activities that are currently limited.

The markets in question were selected because they are located in central points of the state capital where urban and foreign transport routes converge. The samples were taken exclusively from tenants who serve the clientele.

Under normal conditions, Lucas de Gálvez market alone reaches 50,000 visitors a day, said Barrera, but the measure to totally close the markets follows another measure by which the local authorities had limited 70 percent of the capacity to these shopping centers and closed most of the stores in those facilities, so they would have received a maximum of 15,000 people a day in that place at the beginning of this week.

At Lucas de Galvez, 152 of 1,900 tenants were operating until Monday, while at San Benito, out of 1,200, only 70 stores were operating.

Given this circumstance, warned Barrera, the Yucatan capital even considers the application of measures of greater restriction to mobility, rather than a return to the usual behaviors of its population. All in coordination with the state government.

By Mexicanist Source: Notimex