The Yucatan Health Secretariat announced new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, according to the latest report, bringing the total number of people diagnosed with this disease to 6,320 and 578 deaths.

Yucatan coronavirus cases trend line. Data: Ministry of Health
Yucatan coronavirus cases trend line. Data: Ministry of Health

The government will do random testing in strategic locations in order to have more control of people who might be asymptomatic but have the disease. In addition, they will conduct more tests, since the federation establishes that of the suspicious cases only 10 percent are tested, while in Yucatan 20 percent will be tested, which will result in a greater number of positive reports.

60% of hotels in Yucatan are open

Sixty percent of the hotels that have opened their doors after more than three months of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic are only 8 percent occupied because the people who travel do so for work reasons and not to spend their vacations, so directly and indirectly 25 thousand workers of the 180 sites that provide this service have been affected.

Although the number of deaths is not falling, it is best that everyone respects safety measures for their own sake. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, only a little more than 50 percent of the hotels have reopened, while the rest have decided to wait a little longer.

About 60 percent have resumed activities, in the next few days we will probably have more that are opening, this for many reasons, security protocols, certifications to be able to open, but there are also those who have decided to do so until August 1.