Mazatlan will keep coronavirus precautions in nightclubs

In Mazatlatlan, some sanitary protocols will be maintained at nightclubs. The application of gel to people at the entrances will not be eliminated.

Mazatlan will keep coronavirus precautions in nightclubs
Some basic standards for public health and safety will be upheld at nightclubs in Mazatlan. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

After the Ministry of Health determined the end of the mandatory use of masks in public and private spaces, the Mazatlan Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers informed that they will continue with some of the sanitary protocols implemented after the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the use of antibacterial gel at the entrances.

The president of Acetem, Tulio Martinez Tirado, stated that they are in agreement with the withdrawal of the mandatory use of face masks since it has been more than two years and society is tired of using them, especially in hot climates such as Sinaloa.

"If the authorities of the Ministry of Health and the state government have already authorized the non-mandatory use of the cover mouthpiece in public and closed places, it is fine. It has already been almost three years since we started using it. Some of us are already tired of using it, especially in hot climates like our country, but we know that using it is a prevention measure, and if people want to continue using it and feel safer in this way, it is positive for everyone," he said.

In the case of Mazatlan's nightclubs, if some employees or users want to continue using the mask, they can do so. Continuing to use antibacterial gel in the access points will protect against coronavirus COVID-19 and any other viruses.

With the removal of the sanitary filters in general and the end of the sanitary operations carried out by the Mayor's Office, there will be important savings since the cost, in general, was significant, both in sanitizing products and in the personnel they had to have in certain areas, which can be used in other tasks within the companies.