Mazatlan coronavirus latest: cases and hospitalizations, everything you need to know


The mayor of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, explained that starting next week, the covid-19 vaccination certificate will be requested from local inhabitants who go to plazas and public entertainment or service centers, while tourists will eventually be asked for it.

"Only for the moment such document will not be requested from tourists, since there is no exact indication of which Mexican states or countries have already applied the vaccines to the general population," he pointed out.

In the case of national and foreign tourists, Benítez Torres explained that they are investigating in which states citizens between 18 and 29 years of age have already been vaccinated, and only in those where this has already been done will they be asked for proof, while foreign tourists will have to present proof that they have already been vaccinated.

"In this week we have called all the big businessmen of the city, to tell them that we are the link to bring their workers in groups to be vaccinated; we are facilitators who are interested in decreasing the numbers of covid; we are an eminently tourist municipality", indicated the mayor.

How will the operations request the vaccination certificate?

The personnel of the Mayor's Office will be part of the operations to be carried out in public squares, restaurants, stores, and entertainment centers, since they will carry out sporadic revisions, and will check that the people inside have the vaccination document; in case someone is caught without it, the person will be asked to leave the place and the owner of the establishment will be reprimanded for allowing him/her to enter.

In order to carry out the operations correctly, Guillermo Benítez said that internal talks and meetings are being held between city hall personnel and hotel owners because the idea is for everyone to participate in order to avoid the closing of economic activities; he also remarked that it is important that the government, businessmen and citizens work together.

Guillermo Benítez explained that the decision to carry out the operations was made by the Municipal Health Council, and will come into effect on August 2, when the vaccination process for young people between 18 and 29 years of age concludes, as the aim is to drastically reduce the number of covid-19 cases.

Finally, the Mayor highlighted that according to figures consulted today, about covid-19 in the country's beach tourist destinations, Mazatlan registers lower figures with 480 active cases, while in Cancun there are 1,764, in Puerto Vallarta 1,638, in Playa del Carmen 1,001 and in Cabo San Lucas 599.

Hotel reservations in Mazatlan for September and October are on the verge of being postponed

Due to the high number of infections in Mazatlan, tourists from different states of the country are postponing their hotel reservations for this summer vacation season. José Gámez Valle, director of the Mazatlán Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies, stated that people who had decided to visit Mazatlán these days have moved their dates to the off-season.

"The few reservations that are being moved are for September and October, and we are tying up for those dates, which is unusual and that is what we are always looking for," he said. Gámez Valle assured that there have been few cancellations for this vacation period and when they occur they are quickly recovered.

The prevention protocols must be complied with 100% and that the condominiums and houses dedicated to vacation rentals must be verified to guarantee a safe stay.

For his part, the president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, José Ramón Maguart Sánchez, confirmed that for this summer vacation period the number of reservations in Mazatlán's lodging establishments decreased by 10%. He revealed that hotel occupancy in these last weeks remains around 52% during the week and increases to 58% on weekends.

"Yes there was a decrease in the flow of reservations, we understand that now the important thing is to prioritize decisions regarding health and we have been very strict with the indications of the authorities. We had been at levels of 68%, now we can say that there is a reduction of eight to 10% in terms of occupancy," he said.

Manguart Sanchez asserted that so far they have not detected any guest arriving at the lodging center with symptoms of the coronavirus. "We have not been touched, the sanitary filter in the hotels is very clear, any person who arrives with symptoms of cough or flu is not allowed to enter, they have to be referred to the nearest medical center", he concluded.

50% less traffic at Mazatlan's entertainment centers

Owners of bars and nightclubs in Mazatlan support the municipal authority's decision to reduce the capacity of these establishments to 45% in order to avoid total closure, as this would affect thousands of families who depend on these businesses in the port.

Julio Silva, president of the Association of Businesses and Entrepreneurs of Mazatlan's Golden Zone, stated that in order to avoid sanctions and immediate closures of nightclubs, nightclubs, and bars, they will abide by the anti-Covid-19 measures that went into effect in this third wave of contagions.

He detailed that the measures will be complied with by controlling the entrance and exit of clients, with the reduction of furniture, person temperature log, and placement of signs for clients and personnel on the use of sanitary protocols.

"As there is a reduction of tables, we will try to put in another area to reinforce what we need today, which is to prevent Covid-19, we are talking about an average of 1,600 families that depend on these businesses," he said.

He assured that both locals and tourists are becoming aware and stop going to these establishments in a massive way due to the new wave of contagions. Proof of this is that the number of customers from one week to the next has dropped up to 50%. If we talk about discotheques, we were affected, with a reduction of 45 and 50% of customers.

Mazatlan coronavirus semaphore colors

The Mazatlan coronavirus pandemic security light has four colors, with green being the lowest and free access for bathers to the beaches, followed by yellow as a precaution, then orange indicating a risk of restriction or closure, and finally, the red indicating restriction or closure because the beach has reached its maximum capacity of people allowed.

If people are not in the water, they should put on their masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and to keep a healthy distance there should be a 6-meter separation between the umbrella and the palapa where people can protect themselves from the sun's rays. Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad distribute wire mesh on the boardwalk to delimit areas and regulate the entrance of people in certain spaces to prevent crowding.

Hoteliers in Mazatlan acknowledge that health safety within the hotels is guaranteed, all health protocols against coronavirus are followed, although it is not ruled out that there are people who refuse to comply with the coronavirus measures that will be required.

Those who come to the beaches, before going into the water, should find a lifeguard to ask about the sea conditions, not to go in if they are drunk, and to use light clothing such as shorts and T-shirts. They should not go into the sea at night because after 8:00 p.m. the lifeguard surveillance is removed and if a person requires support they will get there but it will take longer, in addition to the fact that visibility decreases and this makes rescue more complicated.

Recommendation to swimmers not to go further than where the water reaches their waist or where the waves come to prevent them from being swept away by the waves or a sea current. Visitors also enjoy the other attractions of the city such as El Faro, the Cathedral, do some shopping at the Mercado Municipal "José María Pino Suárez" and go to the Glorieta Sánchez Taboada to see the spectacle of the divers.

To enter the hotels it is mandatory to use the mask, if a guest, in some areas of the hotel does not carry the mask, it is suggested to use it. Although it has not been ruled out that there may be clients who refuse to use the face mask or to respect sanitary measures, there are staff trained to attend to this type of guest. In the event that a guest is found to be positive for coronavirus in the hotel, he/she is immediately placed in isolation while the health authorities carry out the necessary protocol.