Mazatlan coronavirus latest: measures are not allowed to be relaxed


With the sanitary restrictions due to the coronavirus Covid-19 in Mazatlan, the arrival of foreign tourism has decreased by more than 50% this winter season. Flights from U.S. destinations to this destination continue to be more flexible, in contrast to Canada, which stopped them completely.

The estimated date for the return of cruise ships to Mazatlan remains unclear due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Cruise ships with destinations in the Caribbean are scheduled to resume operations in May, but not those with routes in the Pacific.

Mazatlan is part of a committee that contributes to the design of protocols for the return of possible cruise ship trips, but it will depend on the pandemic situation. The return of cruise ships to Mazatlan is imminent this year, as the cruise lines are already hiring crew.

Since last Friday, tourist activity in the city began to increase, in addition to the Caribbean Series, which ended on Saturday, a situation that led to a busy weekend for tourists. Different beach areas were visited by regional tourists, that is, from different municipalities of Sinaloa, as well as from the states of Durango, Chihuahua, Jalisco, and Sonora, and different restaurants located along the coastline and the Malecon, were some of the sites visited by tourists.

Mazatlan coronavirus colors

The Mazatlan coronavirus pandemic security light has four colors, with green being the lowest and free access for bathers to the beaches, followed by yellow as a precaution, then orange indicating a risk of restriction or closure, and finally, the red indicating restriction or closure because the beach has reached its maximum capacity of people allowed.

Mazatlan coronavirus cases
Mazatlan coronavirus cases

If people are not in the water, they should put on their masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and to keep a healthy distance there should be a 6-meter separation between the umbrella and the palapa where people can protect themselves from the sun's rays. Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad distribute wire mesh on the boardwalk to delimit areas and regulate the entrance of people in certain spaces to prevent crowding.

Hoteliers in Mazatlan acknowledged that health safety within the hotels is guaranteed, all health protocols against coronavirus are followed, although it is not ruled out that there are people who refuse to comply with the coronavirus measures that will be required.

Those who come to the beaches, before going into the water, should find a lifeguard to ask about the sea conditions, not to go in if they are drunk, and to use light clothing such as shorts and T-shirts. They should not go into the sea at night because after 8:00 p.m. the lifeguard surveillance is removed and if a person requires support they will get there but it will take longer, in addition to the fact that visibility decreases and this makes rescue more complicated.

Recommendation to swimmers not to go further than where the water reaches their waist or where the waves come to prevent them from being swept away by the waves or a sea current. Visitors also enjoy the other attractions of the city such as El Faro, the Cathedral, do some shopping at the Mercado Municipal "José María Pino Suárez" and go to the Glorieta Sánchez Taboada to see the spectacle of the divers.

To enter the hotels it is mandatory to use the mask, if a guest, in some areas of the hotel does not carry the mask, it is suggested to use it. Although it has not been ruled out that there may be clients who refuse to use the face mask or to respect sanitary measures, there are staff trained to attend to this type of guest.

In the event that a guest is found to be positive for coronavirus in the hotel, he/she is immediately placed in isolation while the health authorities carry out the necessary protocol.

Mazatlan coronavirus preventive measures

Tourists are going to find some adjustments in the tourist operation of the destination, however, the beaches, attractions, gastronomy, and beauty of Mazatlan remain the same. Mazatlán has made a strategic alliance with an international certification company that has audited the protocols that have been determined for the "new normal" for tourism service providers.

Mazatlan's highest priority will continue to be to offer unique vacation experiences and safety to citizens, employees, and visitors. Among the measures that will be taken this holiday season are the mandatory use of the mask, even on the beach, which can only be removed when food is consumed or in the room.

The swimming pools will only be able to have 40 percent of capacity and with a healthy distance of the furniture. On the beach, there must be a healthy distance of at least 1.80 meters (6 feet). In the elevators, only four people may use and the places will be marked.

Mazatlan's highest priority will continue to be to offer unique vacation experiences and safety to citizens, employees, and visitors. Among the measures that will be taken this holiday season are the mandatory use of the mask, even on the beach, which can only be removed when food is consumed or in the room.

Luggage will have to be disinfected before entering the lobby and there will be no business center or meeting room service. Restaurants will only accept 40 percent of their capacity, but bars will remain closed.

Also, the reopening for establishments with access only by public roads and with a schedule from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00. At this stage, they have considered businesses with sales of clothing in general, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, opticians, pawnshops, and home appliances and household items.

In markets and supermarkets, the measures of a 50 percent capacity, one person per family, should be kept, prohibiting the entrance of groups or accompanying persons, as well as the application of the healthy distance.

The use of public parks and squares will be on an individual basis, with a maximum occupation of 25 percent, and only for physical and recreational activities.

In the return to the "new normal", the general dispositions of staying at home, healthy distance, the correct use of mouth guards everywhere, inspection of establishments and the application of sanctions, and the closing of commercial plazas continue. The above provisions are subject to future modifications, as required.

Due to the coronavirus, Mazatlan lost more than 420,000 passengers

In 2020, the year in which the health emergency due to coronavirus was activated in the country and the world, Mazatlan lost a total of 420,849 air passengers, according to the latest report from Grupo Aeroportuario OMA.

When comparing the 2019 airflow with the 2020 airflow, a 36.2 percent drop is seen in Mazatlan, although the port was the destination least affected by the pandemic among the 13 cities where Grupo OMA has a presence, with a total drop of 52.3 percent on average. In 2019, Mazatlan reported an airflow of 1,161,155 passengers while in 2020, 740,306 passengers were reported.

The most critical months coincide with the first weeks of the coronavirus emergency in Mazatlan and the months in which the city was closed to tourist activity: the fall in March was 26.2 percent, but in April it shot up to 91.1 percent, in May 92.3 percent and in June it fell 80.3 percent.

In spite of this, Mazatlan was the destination in Mexico that has recovered the fastest from the coronavirus emergency caused by Covid-19, even faster than destinations such as Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos. The destination had an average hotel occupancy of 36.95 percent from January to November 2020, higher than the national average, which was 29.14 until the penultimate month of the year. The complete recovery of the destination will depend on the control it has over the pandemic.