Los Cabos coronavirus latest: Covid-19 contagions dropped by half and a key point is vaccination


The executive president of the Business Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo informed that, according to the latest reports, the number of hospitalized people was considerably reduced in the municipality, in addition to having an advance in the vaccination process for the people of Los Cabos, reaching 70%.

"We can say that we bring 119 people hospitalized in public hospitals and 11 in private clinics, giving us the total sum of 130 people. To put in context, on July 2nd we had 226 people hospitalized at the beginning of the month, today there are 130, which is a substantial drop. In those days we also had around 1,582 active cases, today there are 719 active cases, practically half," he said.

The numbers are starting to drop, but it does not mean that it is okay to relax; infections are down.

Julio Castillo emphasized that, although these are favorable numbers, it is not the time to lower our guard and stop implementing health protocols in all areas, from tourism, beaches, establishments, and in the streets: "The numbers are starting to drop, but it does not mean that this is all right, we have to continue working and keeping the protocols", he said.

Regarding the progress in the vaccine, he commented that "we all know someone, directly or indirectly, who is in a difficult situation and these are things that we have to stop [...] we have to go and get vaccinated, in that sense, there are numbers that encourage us and with the sum of the 9,300 that were put in the Rural zone and the whole municipality, gives us a total of 166,390 people from 18 to 60 (years) who have had even one dose of vaccine, which would represent something like 70% or 69.91% of the total population".

Tourists and locals must be vaccinated to enter bars in Los Cabos

In an interview for BCS Noticias, the president of the Association of Professionals and Business Leaders, Robbin Hernandez commented that he has proposed to the authorities a new prevention measure against COVID-19, which consists of asking visitors to the bars to only go if they have been vaccinated.

"We talked to the authority to be able to make an opening, we want to commit ourselves to ask tourists and locals to enter if they have their vaccination, we want to make it mandatory for them to enter. This is in order to reduce the number of cases and at the same time we can continue helping ourselves economically", he warned.

The entrepreneurs of the Los Cabos Nightlife seek to limit the entrance to locals and foreigners, accepting only those who have been vaccinated.

He explained that the measure would apply to all visitors regardless of whether they were local or foreigners. It is worth remembering that, in a previous interview -when the increase of contagions began-, the businessman commented that they were contemplating only admitting tourists, since most of them come from the United States and have their vaccination, and in this way, they would avoid contagions with locals.

Regarding the vaccine for the employees of the sector, he commented that out of the 9,500 workers, around 65% have at least the first dose of the antiviral biologic and, of this percentage, at least 30% already have the complete scheme. However, he assured that they are still waiting for the arrival of the vaccine for workers in the tourism sector.