Los Cabos coronavirus update: no reopening date yet

As of today, the total of coronavirus cases in Los Cabos stands at 247 confirmed cases and 8 deaths. There are 13 active ongoing Covid-19 cases and 226 patients recovered.

Los Cabos coronavirus update. Photo: Agencies
Los Cabos coronavirus update. Photo: Agencies

Los Cabos is a plan to carry out these mitigation measures and there is already a commitment between the authorities and the tourism sector to favor the offer to visitors and also to provide the necessary safety conditions.

The two entrances to the sea, the desert, and the multiple sports and sailing events are a fundamental part of the strategies to recover the economy in the various sectors of this community. The area has people coming from all over the country, who are experts in offering the best tourist attractions in the area.

Despite the fact, the mayor, Arminda Castro, announced that there is still no date for the economic reopening of this point, it is working to activate all financial and social life in the most efficient way possible once the health contingency is over.

Health Secretary Victor George said the deaths registered in the state are because the patients had comorbidity, that is, some chronic degenerative condition, the most recurrent diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, which he called "silent killers".

Graph of daily confirmed and accumulated cases of coronavirus in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur
Graph of daily confirmed and accumulated cases of coronavirus in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

He also said that state and municipal authorities have made strict decisions regarding social isolation and healthy distance, however, it is for the good of all, because after being so long in the shelter is seeing a light on the road within this pandemic, so do not let down your guard.

Although Los Cabos has been in the first place of confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic, it is the city of La Paz that has a much higher number of deaths. This is due to the fact that many patients, due to the severity of their symptoms, are transferred to hospitals in the capital for better care and unfortunately lose their lives.

Los Cabos hotels to reopen June 1: association

The Los Cabos Hotel Association reported that on June 1, the hotels of the international tourist destination will open in full, even though they are operating below capacity, approximately 40 percent.

It said that a total of 84 members will be opening their spaces to tourists, but with limited capacity, in order to avoid risks. To this end, they are working on a manual for the management of Covid-19, which will include safety and prevention measures for tourists and workers in the hotel industry.

The opening of hotels in the three tourist areas that make up the Los Cabos destination is being considered: Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, and the San José-Cabo San Lucas Corridor.

It is expected that Los Cabos will have one hundred percent of its hotels open in December, at the start of the high season, and recover the reservations that were lost but managed to be postponed for these dates.

Domestic flights return to Los Cabos

Since April 20, Los Cabos International Airport has announced that it will suspend its activities in Terminal 2 to resume them as of July. It was indicated that international flights, almost none of which need to land in Los Cabos, will land at Terminal 1, for domestic flights.

According to the National Chamber of Air Transport (Canaero) remain on the ground about 310 aircraft of Mexican airlines, making very few commercial flights and focusing mainly on humanitarian flights, seeking to help supply chains for inputs, products, medicines and humanitarian aid to reach various destinations in Mexico.

Viva Aerobús is the first airline to resume commercial flights to Los Cabos, the first on May 10th on the Mexico City - Los Cabos route, the rest of the routes will be opened gradually during the month of May and will be increased progressively by mid-month.

"We are here to serve all those who need to fly for indispensable reasons and provide them with a safe and pleasant flight, having as a number one priority the well-being and health of all our passengers and collaborators," said Juan Carlos Zuazua, general director of Viva Aerobús.

From May 11 until the end of the month the routes added: Monterrey - Los Cabos and Culiacán - Los Cabos. La Paz receives an airline flight from Culiacán.

The airline Volaris, announced in a virtual meeting with the Secretary of Tourism, Economy, and Sustainability (SETUES) that on June 1st it will resume its flights to the country's beach destinations, including Los Cabos and La Paz.

Why Baja California ranks 2nd in the country for COVID-19 deaths?

Unlike Mexico City and the State of Mexico, the high number of infections in Baja California does not respond to a large number of people, since the state is home to about 3.6 million Mexicans, ranked 15th by the number of population.

The reason for the high number of infections in that state is its proximity to the southern border of the United States and all the activity it has with that country, which today occupies the first place worldwide of positive cases and deaths caused by Covid-19.

The flow of commerce and people has also placed that entity as the third with the highest number of infections.

There are at least five reasons for the high number of infections and deaths of coronavirus:


Labor mobility between Mexico and the United States

The entry of American tourists into Mexican territory to acquire supplies

The arrival of Mexicans who come to visit their relatives in Mexico

The manufacturing industry that, in spite of the deaths, has not stopped.

There is still an influx of people at the border, although the number has dropped. Before the pandemic, up to 150,000 people crossed the border every day; now only about 30,000 do.

Between 10,000 and 12,000 people pass through Tijuana alone every day to work in the United States and return, and to that number must be added the 4,000 migrants who are being expelled monthly from the U.S.