After the State Health Safety Committee announced that the municipality of Los Cabos is in level 2 of the Health Alert System of Baja California Sur, municipal authorities decided to open all the beaches of the municipality of Los Cabos early today, without restrictions.

"As a result of the decrease of cases of COVID-19 in the municipality, the 192 kilometers of coastline that we have in Los Cabos are open, without schedule for the use and enjoyment of citizens," said the coordinator of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT) Los Cabos, Javier Ontiveros Fabián.

The municipal official pointed out that the health safety filters that Zofemat personnel implemented since the beginning of the pandemic on the 11 beaches that the Committee allowed to remain open are also eliminated. "However, the vigilance and cleaning work carried out by Zofemat personnel will continue, in order to maintain the 37 beach certificates that place Los Cabos as a leader in Mexico and Latin America", said the municipal official.

Covid-19 cases continue to decline in Los Cabos

The Coordinating Council of Los Cabos (CCC), made a call to the population not to lower their guard and continue to follow the biosecurity protocols, and thus continue with the good numbers that reflect a decrease in active cases of coronavirus. The council's management pointed out that there has been a very good run in the last few days in Los Cabos regarding the pandemic.

"The theme here is to continue doing what has worked for us, the promotional campaigns for people to use masks have worked for us, it has worked for us to be vigilant of businesses, of all types that comply with the protocols, it has worked for us that people do not proliferate in parties in their homes and definitely a very important factor has been the vaccination," said Julio Castillo, executive president of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos (CCC).

Tourists and locals must be vaccinated to enter bars in Los Cabos

In an interview for BCS Noticias, the president of the Association of Professionals and Business Leaders, Robbin Hernandez commented that he has proposed to the authorities a new prevention measure against COVID-19, which consists of asking visitors to the bars to only go if they have been vaccinated.

"We talked to the authority to be able to make an opening, we want to commit ourselves to ask tourists and locals to enter if they have their vaccination, we want to make it mandatory for them to enter. This is in order to reduce the number of cases and at the same time we can continue helping ourselves economically", he warned.

The entrepreneurs of the Los Cabos Nightlife seek to limit the entrance to locals and foreigners, accepting only those who have been vaccinated.

He explained that the measure would apply to all visitors regardless of whether they were local or foreigners. It is worth remembering that, in a previous interview -when the increase of contagions began-, the businessman commented that they were contemplating only admitting tourists, since most of them come from the United States and have their vaccination, and in this way, they would avoid contagions with locals.