Coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta: current status report, cases and deaths


Puerto Vallarta coronavirus infections increased, reaching 2,345 positive cases, and a total of 262 deaths. The face mask should be worn at all times in public space and should perfectly cover the tip of the nose and chin.

Puerto Vallarta coronavirus news updates. Photo: Salud Jalisco
Puerto Vallarta coronavirus news updates. Photo: Salud Jalisco

Puerto Vallarta has good news for travelers, after registering a favorable behavior in the indexes of hospital occupation and incidence of Covid-19 infections, it announced that the hotels will open at 50% of their capacity.

Due to the good management of the sanitary protocols, Puerto Vallarta extended the operations of the hotels to 50 percent. These lodging centers have reinforced sanitary measures such as the strict and constant disinfection of rooms, common and private areas, as well as the use of mouth guards and healthy distance to reduce the risk of contagion.

The port's beaches are open to receive visitors, and strict sanitation measures are applied there as well. These are in addition to those implemented in the tourist tours, which operate under a reduced number of participants to offer a safe and pleasant experience.

The squares and commercial corridors can now be opened from Monday to Sunday and take advantage of the arrival of tourists; they are obliged to maintain sanitary filters and access control in common areas.

At least 95 percent of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit have reopened their doors as part of the economic recovery. Only 5 percent are considering no longer reopening their doors. Due to economic downturns, they will no longer be able to reopen. There are about 80 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and a similar number in Banderas Bay.

Puerto Vallarta coronavirus cases
Puerto Vallarta coronavirus cases

Puerto Vallarta takes care of its visitors from the first step in the destination, since sanitary filters have been implemented in the International Airport; acrylics were also installed in the documentation, information, migration, and car rental counters. Signs have been placed on the containers focused on the waste of masks, gloves, and mouth covers.

Measures such as specialized disinfection service and periodic cleaning of handrails, kiosks, counters, doors, toilets, benches, tables, and other direct contact surfaces are also applied.

The airport, together with the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation (AFAC), installed sanitary controls for users, workers, and the general public; there they carry out medical evaluations, temperature measurement with digital thermometers and thermographic cameras, all this in the processes of departure and arrival of passengers.

Puerto Vallarta coronavirus update
Puerto Vallarta coronavirus update

More bars in Puerto Vallarta have already been authorized to reopen, since they have already complied with their corresponding protocols and the municipal authority, through the Inspection and Regulations Department, has verified them.

CPS News announced the reopening of the bars, which no longer have any restrictions on the sale of food. However, this is not a generalized opening, but a gradual one, since it must be verified according to the risk matrix that the State Government published a few weeks ago.

Likewise, in order for them to operate, it is necessary for them to make their corresponding registration in the State Government's Integral System for Economic Reactivation, and once they make this process, their letter of commitment will have to be validated and then an appointment will have to be made with the Directorate of Inspection and Regulations to schedule verification.

In the event that they comply with the required score in the risk matrix, they will be allowed to reopen. If they do not comply, they would have to stay closed or work only as a restaurant as they have been allowed to operate.

Covid-19 coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta. Source: Secretariat of Health
Covid-19 coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta. Source: Secretariat of Health

The capacity is not reduced to 50%, if they have enough space so that they can respect the 1.5-meter distance between tables, they will be able to increase their capacity a little more but as long as the issue of distance is not disregarded.

At the entrance of the establishments, attendees must be checked with an infrared thermometer, have a sanitizing mat and antibacterial gel.

Live music will still not be allowed in the bars, nor will payment of overtime, and according to the fulfillment of these tours, it will be analyzed this Monday whether or not they fulfilled and thus consider extending the schedule or that there are already live shows.

The reopening of bars is not in general, but partially because each one will be verified by the municipal authority, while the clubs still can not open, although there is talk that within 15 days, according to the entrepreneurs of this city.

Visitors, mainly from the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Nayarit, Michoacan, and Mexico City, among other places, have stayed in the hotels under protocols of 25 percent influx and according to the experts of the Board of Health, there are no plans to increase accommodation despite the fact that care is maintained in common areas and supervision on the beach in the 39 hotels that are open offering their accommodation service.