Coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta: current status report, cases and deaths


Puerto Vallarta coronavirus infections increased, reaching 2,728 positive cases, and a total of 314 deaths. The face mask should be worn at all times in public space and should perfectly cover the tip of the nose and chin.

Puerto Vallarta coronavirus cases
Puerto Vallarta coronavirus cases

Hundreds of vacationers crowded the beaches of Puerto Vallarta during the last days of vacation. The beaches of this sea destination, such as Los Muertos, Olas Altas, Palmares, and Punta Negra, among others, were saturated with tourists, who came to enjoy the sun and sand.

With a reservation that oscillated 50%, Puerto Vallarta tried to recover from the economic shock caused last year by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Together with vacationers, formal and informal commerce also tried to recover economically, by offering their products at the best prices.

According to data from local tourism authorities, during this season 80% of vacationers are of national origin, mainly from the Bajio area: Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi, and somewhat more foreigners from the United States and Canada. It is expected that, at the beginning of the school period, the influx of tourists will continue at least for the next few months, with the expectation that the pandemic will begin to subside, once vaccination has begun in the world.

The vast majority of those who suffered from this infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have not presented any after-effects and have returned to normal daily activities, once they have completed the period of isolation at home (ten days from the start of symptoms or ten days from a positive test in the case of asymptomatic people) and no longer present discomforts such as fever or cough (at least three days after declaring their discharge).

In Jalisco, 91 percent of confirmed cases did not require hospitalization and convalesced at home. While the remaining nine percent have required a hospital bed. The people who presented complications that led them to be hospitalized are generally older adults and people with chronic diseases of any age, who are considered "vulnerable groups" or at greater risk from the coronavirus.

These groups, along with health personnel -especially those who work in COVID-19 areas- require the support of the entire population to avoid getting infected; support that is given by reducing mobility and close physical contact.

The SSJ reiterates the call for the population to comply with preventive measures to cut off the transmission of infection: stay in public spaces for a short time, use mouth guards properly (can reduce the risk of infection by up to 90 percent), avoid enclosed places or crowds, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between people, and wash hands frequently with soap and water or use 70 percent alcohol-based gel.

If symptoms such as persistent cough, difficulty in breathing, fever that does not go away or blood oxygenation drops below 92, you should go to an emergency room and not wait for a confirmatory test for COVID-19.

When will cruise ships return?

It is not known when the cruises will return to Puerto Vallarta, since up to now there is no announcement about it and the shipping companies have not issued any information about it.

Before the closing of 2020, shipping companies such as Disney and Carnival Cruise Line, issued communiqués announcing that their activities would be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the fact that no official figure has been issued for losses due to canceled arrivals, 224 cruise ships were expected to arrive in 2020, of which 16 will be triple arrivals, 54 double arrivals, 43 overnight stays, and 1 quadruple arrival.

Puerto Vallarta coronavirus trend line. Source: Ministry of Health
Puerto Vallarta coronavirus trend line. Source: Ministry of Health

Beach protocols

The beaches of Puerto Vallarta will return to their usual schedule as well as their nightly activity, according to what was announced before the deactivation of the Emergency Button. This media sought to cut the chain of coronavirus infections in the entity.

In the same way, as a preventive measure and in order to detect possible cases of coronavirus, as well as in the international airport of Guadalajara and in other points of agglomeration of public transportation, random tests will be carried out in the airport terminal of Puerto Vallarta.

Sanitary protocols must be strictly applied, such as the obligatory use of mouth guards, hygiene and sanitation, and the isolation of suspicious and active cases.

In order to continue with the economic reactivation of Jalisco and to diminish the risks of contagion by the coronavirus, the governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, presented the basic criteria for this new stage of the pandemic, after the so-called emergency button was deactivated, in such a way that what is sought, in general terms, is to control capacity and to strictly apply the sanitary protocols.

These measures will be applied in Puerto Vallarta where, according to the state leader, good results have been obtained. In such a way that, in order to control the capacity, these will be established according to the dimensions of the places, that is to say, 50 percent of capacity and/or 1 person for every 4 meters inside and/or 1 person for every 2 meters outside.

Regarding the particular criteria, agglomerations and long exposure times must be avoided; all actions that privilege outdoor activities, such as recreational routes, must be favored. Urban parks and forests, pedestrianized commercial and gastronomic corridors. We will seek to avoid the concentration of elderly people and people at risk.

High concentration activities such as concerts, local festivities, and meetings that bring people together will be canceled. There must be strict rules of access to the markets and stores, such as mandatory use of mouthguards, sanitary management, corridors, and wide spaces.

Companies must continue with filters and mitigation actions to break the chain of contagion. Meanwhile, coordinated actions will have to be carried out to increase the outdoor pedestrian space available for the activities.

Likewise, it is important to mention that the State Government informed last week that the beaches of the city were going to operate normally, since the implementation of the emergency button reduced the schedule to three o'clock in the afternoon.

In addition to that, it is expected that Puerto Vallarta will reach 50% hotel occupancy during this long weekend, which is the limit to operate, as well as the restaurants that have been seen with more guests.

It is important to remember that if you go to the beach, when entering and leaving it you will have to use mouth covers and you will be able to remove them since you are in the beach space you are going to use. Also, groups should be a maximum of 8 people, preferably per family and if you rent chairs, lounge chairs, or umbrellas, require that these are sanitized in their presence before using them.

Before and after going to the beach, you must take a shower and it is recommended not to lend toys or other utensils, among other recommendations that you can already consult at the beach.