Two more people die because of COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

In less than 48 hours, the state of Jalisco increased from 3 to 6 deaths due to the Coronavirus, adding to the list two people who worked in Puerto Vallarta as tourist site promoters and a neighbor of El Grullo, who recently traveled to the United States.

The two new deaths due to the coronavirus were confirmed this afternoon by the Jalisco Ministry of Health.
The two new deaths due to the coronavirus were confirmed this afternoon by the Jalisco Ministry of Health.

"We regret to notify you that two more deaths have been confirmed in the state, which adds to the six deaths confirmed by COVID-19," Fernando Petersen announced this afternoon at a virtual press conference offered by the Jalisco State Health Department.

The official explained that the fifth death corresponds to a 30-year-old man who died yesterday at the General Hospital of Zone # 42, of the IMSS in Puerto Vallarta.

The man had been in the emergency room on March 28th, presenting comorbidity and hypertension, and as a precedent of the possible contagion, he said that due to his work "he had lived with foreigners".

It should be noted that, according to unofficial sources, this person was closely related to the fourth person who died in Jalisco, who shared the same job as tourist or time-share promoters, as they are locally called.

The sixth death was also recorded on April 2. In this case, Fernando Petersen explained that it was a 76-year-old man who was a resident of El Grullo.

This patient was initially treated at a Regional Hospital in Autlan and was later transferred to the Civil Hospital in Guadalajara to receive better medical attention, but he also died.

"He had a history of risk, having travelled to San Fernando, California, in the United States, from 16 February to 24 March."

Source: SSJ

In Puerto Vallarta, graves are being prepared for COVID-19 victims

According to Notimex, Some 500 pits with capacity for two bodies each were prepared in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, as a "preparation" for the increase in deaths from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mayor Arturo Davalos Peña said the preparation of 500 double graves is a measure to prevent the coronavirus from "taking you by surprise".

"God forbid, we all touch wood, but we don't want to be caught off guard, we are making 500 double graves in the municipality's pantheons. God forbid, but we have to prepare ourselves", said Arturo Davalos, municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

So far, only one death from the coronavirus has been reported in Puerto Vallarta, and there are no reports that he had to use any of the prepared graves as a measure to deal with an upsurge in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism in Puerto Vallarta Drops by 80%

Due to the Coronavirus contingency, tourism in Puerto Vallarta has dropped by up to 80 percent in the last few days, lamented Mayor Arturo Davalos, who said that the municipality has also joined the "Stay Home" campaign to prevent contagion:

"Of course, the ships are not arriving right now, the cruise ships, of course, there are effects on tourism because people are not coming, there are effects on commerce, on restaurants, shops, taxi drivers. Here we live off tourism and if there is tourism we are doing well and if there is no tourism we are doing badly, I think 80 percent".

Puerto Vallarta taxi drivers asked to disinfect their vehicles on every trip

The State Transportation Secretary asks transportation companies and traditional taxis in the Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta metropolitan areas to adopt preventive measures to avoid contagion in the face of the alert caused by the Coronavirus.

It asks for an exhaustive cleaning of the interior of the vehicles, with special attention to the parts of the vehicle where the user has the most contact, such as handles and safety belts.

This cleaning with disinfectant products should be done at the end of each trip.

60% of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta remain closed

In the midst of the governor's call to stay at home during these five critical days for the coronavirus, 60 percent of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta preferred to close their doors, Sergio Jaime Santos, president of the restaurant industry in this tourist destination, Banderas Bay and Costa Alegre, confirmed to Notisistema.

"On the first day between Friday and Saturday, those who decided not to work dropped 40 percent, and later on Sunday, 60 percent of the restaurants were rested".

The leader of restaurant owners in Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay, and Costa Alegre, believes that on Wednesday the number of establishments open will increase. The number of diners, however, decreased considerably over the weekend.

Cruise lines cancel arrivals in Puerto Vallarta due to quarantine

As a preventive measure against the Covid-19 pandemic, all shipping lines have canceled their arrivals in Puerto Vallarta, which could resume until April, said Carlos Gerard Guzman, their shipping agent.

Precautionary measures at airports and transport hubs due to Covid-19

In the airports of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, as well as in bus stations, medical screening filters were installed, supervised by the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ), where tourists arriving in the State are permanently checked.

Puerto Vallarta is shielding itself from the possibility of Coronavirus-infected tourists. Photo: Courtesy
Puerto Vallarta is shielding itself from the possibility of Coronavirus-infected tourists. Photo: Courtesy

The filter consists of a temperature check through thermal control; in addition, it will be verified that they do not present symptoms that are indicative of an acute respiratory infection.

In case of fever, a quick evaluation will be carried out to corroborate that in the last 14 days there has been no contact of Covid-19 with a confirmed or under investigation case, or if it was in countries where there is virus transmission.

In addition to the airports, filters will also be installed in the terminals of the Puerto Vallarta Port Authority, as well as in docks 1 and 3, prepared for the arrival of boats, and in the Puerto Magico terminal.

The General Strategic Coordinator for Growth and Economic Development, Alejandro Guzman Larralde, said that Jalisco's tourism destinations maintain good occupancy expectations due to the fact that much of the tourism they receive is national.

"We are communicating with the municipalities to inform them of the precautionary measures that they should take individually, as well as in the points of high tourist influx," he said.

For his part, Germán Ernesto Kotsiras Ralis Cumplido, Jalisco's Secretary of Tourism, pointed out that the tourism industry is working together to responsibly prevent the spread of the virus.

"The coronavirus is leading us to carry out actions between the Private Initiative and the State Government that will first guarantee the health of citizens and visitors to maintain the promotion and economic development of the sector," he said.