Mexico's Latest Fuel Prices and Consumer Protection Efforts

Mexico's Morning Conference reveals fuel prices, Mayan Train advances, and support efforts. President López Obrador addresses alleged irregularities, emphasizes security, and updates on infrastructure milestones.

Mexico's Latest Fuel Prices and Consumer Protection Efforts
President López Obrador details Mayan Train progress and fuel prices during the Morning Conference.

In the early hours of today, the National Palace hosted the Morning Conference led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), providing a detailed overview of key developments in Mexico's economic and infrastructural spheres. Here's a breakdown of the latest updates:

Fuel Price Dynamics

David Aguilar Romero, head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), shared critical insights into fuel prices. Last week's average prices per liter were reported as follows:

  • Regular gasoline: 22.55 pesos
  • Premium gasoline: 24.54 pesos
  • Diesel: 24.03 pesos

Romero highlighted Profeco's active role in monitoring and addressing consumer concerns, citing 249 complaints received through the “Litro por litro” app and 338 verification visits.

For LP gas, the average prices as of November 29 stood at 17.23 pesos per kilo for cylinders and 9.31 pesos per liter for stationary gas. Romero noted a stable trend in low prices for the 24 products in the basic food basket.

Mayan Train Progress on Section 4

The conference unveiled significant advancements in Section 4 of the Mayan Train, stretching from Izamal to Cancun. With 239 km of electrified double track, the section has achieved 100% progress in track laying. Notably, five stations, 117 underpasses, and 34 vehicular crossings and bridges have reached over 80% completion.

Grupo ICA reported the completion of the infrastructure in Section 4, with a focus on finishing touches. The Operational Control Center in Cancun, housing five operational trains, was highlighted as a pivotal hub for monitoring and controlling the entire rail network.

Support and Rehabilitation Efforts

President López Obrador outlined support efforts post-Hurricane “Otis,” with 132,849 cleaning supports distributed, pensions concluded, and educational scholarships initiated. He emphasized the ongoing commitment to assisting affected regions.

Archaeological Salvage and Chichen Itza Developments

Diego Prieto of the National Institute of Anthropology and History reported on archaeological salvage in Section 4, recovering over four thousand immovable goods and 570 movable goods. Chichen Itza's progress includes interpretative trails, 90% research and conservation, and 76% infrastructure completion.

Mayan Train Workers' Alleged Irregularities

Addressing alleged irregularities involving Mayan Train construction workers, President López Obrador called for an investigation, attributing the claims to a “reactionary block” opposing the current administration.

Security and Political Developments

A notable increase in National Guard presence in Acapulco was announced to enhance security. The President expressed confidence in Claudia Sheinbaum's activities and defended Samuel García against political campaigns aimed at the upcoming elections.

Infrastructure Milestones and Water Supply Solutions

Infrastructure milestones included progress in the Chichén Itzá Hotel and “Tren Maya Cancun” Company, as well as the completion of the Boca del Cerro Bridge. The President announced the full operation of the El Cuchillo II aqueduct on December 16, addressing water supply challenges in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Mayan Train Ticket Sales Update

Authorities shared updates on Mayan Train ticket sales, with 881 tickets sold on the first day for the first four trains. A comprehensive ticketing platform is in progress, set to be fully operational by February 29, 2024.

In summary, the Morning Conference provided a thorough and business-focused update on Mexico's economic and infrastructural landscape, showcasing progress, challenges, and the government's proactive approach in addressing critical issues.