Cobra Cops Coil Criminals in Puerto Vallarta Tourist Zone

Puerto Vallarta's Citizen Security Police (Cobra) group is cracking down on criminal activity in the tourist zone. Find out how their strange methods are making the city safer and cutting down on crime.

Cobra Cops Coil Criminals in Puerto Vallarta Tourist Zone
Officers from Puerto Vallarta's 'Cobra' group patrolling the tourist zone to ensure public safety and maintain order on the beaches and streets. Photo credit: Government of Puerto Vallarta

The Citizen Security Police of Puerto Vallarta's "Cobra" group has launched a surveillance and deterrence operation in the tourist zone of the municipality to enhance the safety of shopkeepers and tourists.

Commissioner Rigoberto Flores Parra instructed Deputy Director Carlos Humberto Arce Villaseñor to execute the police actions, which have been warmly welcomed by tourists and merchants as they ensure public order is maintained on the Puerto Vallarta beaches and in common areas.

The police officers instructed homeless people and individuals consuming intoxicating drinks to leave public squares to prevent any potential events that could disturb public order. This was done to stop people from breaking into houses, finding weapons, and breaking up groups of people who hang out on street corners and constantly bother neighbors and people walking by.

The police chief stated that actions were being taken to tackle this problem, but he appealed for the support and cooperation of the community to report any suspicious activity to 911, as it was the only means of controlling the situation. Also, he stressed that all complaints must be backed up so that the municipal police could act with the support of the community, since they often get complaints that human rights are being violated.

According to Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodrguez's instructions, these operations will continue on a random and continuous basis in the municipality's areas to strengthen street safety and reduce potential crimes.