Ciudad Juarez registers 3,181 coronavirus cases of and 642 deaths

Ciudad Juarez coronavirus update: The city began the week with 3,181 confirmed cases and 642 deaths by COVID-19, reported authorities from the State Government Health Secretariat.

As of today, businesses and some social activities are reactivated with reduced capacity and prevention and hygiene measures in Ciudad Juarez due to coronavirus. Photo: EFE
As of today, businesses and some social activities are reactivated with reduced capacity and prevention and hygiene measures in Ciudad Juarez due to coronavirus. Photo: EFE

According to the State Reopening Plan COVID-19, the activities in the color orange, or high risk, that will be able to operate at 100 percent are the essential ones (health, agriculture, children's ranches, public works, basic services, food, mining, and construction), as well as government services and essential administrative offices.

With a capacity of 50 percent, the new essential activities can be reactivated, which are aerospace and automotive manufacturing; restaurants, as long as they have their children's areas closed and comply with the healthy distance measures; spas, aesthetics and the rest of the medical offices (with the exception of the dental offices that can only attend emergencies) that must disinfect the space before attending each client and attend only by appointment.

Parks, squares, ecotourism areas, and open sports centers will be able to operate with only half their capacity, as will government services and non-essential administrative offices.

Non-essential industries, hotels, mobile, and semi-fixed local businesses will be able to receive 30 percent of their capacity, without common areas and with healthy distance measures.

Event halls, bars, nightclubs, bar areas in restaurants, spas, casinos, shops within shopping centers, as well as museums, churches, closed sports centers, cinemas, cultural centers, and all school activities at all levels remain suspended.

Ciudad Juarez coronavirus update
Ciudad Juarez coronavirus update

With regard to the restaurants in Region 1, also known as 'Region Juarez', the Ministry of the Interior issued guidelines to be followed during their passage in the color orange.

"Exhaustive sanitation of the entire premises, with special emphasis on ventilation ducts and exhaust hoods in the kitchens, whose filters must be changed periodically, as established by the supplier. The establishment must have a clear means of ventilation, whether natural or mechanical. Guarantee the supply of cleaning and disinfection supplies. And establish personal protocols for daily cleaning and disinfection, including washing surfaces with soap and water, and with a 15 ml chlorine solution in one liter of water," reported Gobernación.

Inside the kitchens, it is imperative that staff wear their hair tied up in rubber bands or nets, short nails without nail polish, and no jewelry or accessories. The packaging of products and ingredients must be disinfected, as well as all surfaces and tools in the kitchen.

Workers should have their own utensils and, if borrowed from their co-workers, they should be cleaned at each use. They should also have their preparation area isolated.

Contact with the ingredients should be limited, so it is recommended to use tweezers and to opt for the use of pedal operated garbage cans to open them. It is mandatory for everyone to use mouth guards at all times and avoid the use of masks, as they are made of flammable materials.

In the restaurant area, it is essential to have at least one anti-bacterial gel dispenser at the entrance of the establishment. Tables should have a distance of 1.5 meters between each one and no group meetings should be allowed, nor should tables or musical groups be joined.

The private rooms or meeting rooms within them will not be able to be used until the traffic light is in green color. It is recommended that waiting areas be outdoors and marked to designate safe distances.

They should also clean all common spaces and surfaces at least twice a day, keep doors open, and eliminate self-service stations or machines to avoid lines and handling of utensils.

Juarez coronavirus cases trend line. Source: Secretariat of Health
Juarez coronavirus cases trend line. Source: Secretariat of Health

Encourage card payment to reduce cash handling, install a special container for tipping. Menus should be sanitized before and after each use and it is recommended not to use tablecloths.

Tables should be set up in front of the customer to avoid exposure of cutlery and dishes before use. The use of the bar is prohibited, however, the sale of alcohol may be given within the hours established in the permit that the premises have.

In the case of a buffet, serving staff must change their mouth guards and gloves every four hours, signs for healthy distance and sneeze guards must be installed.

Suppliers must also comply with hygiene and control measures, establish specific zones and schedules for the delivery of products, and promote the delivery of invoices and payments in electronic form.

Restaurants that do not comply with the guidelines established by the government may be sanctioned, the agency said.

For his part, the Governor reminded that it is necessary to have the responsibility and solidarity of all so that the traffic light continues to move forward in a correct manner.

These are times of responsibility, of solidarity among all of us, of care for one another: Everyone must be careful because this is a stage where contagion increases and there are also certain risks of resurgence; one must always be alert.