Juarez, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the state of Chihuahua


In the last 24 hours, the Health sector of the state of Chihuahua counted 55,612 patients who have contracted Covid-19 during the pandemic in Chihuahua, where Ciudad Juarez concentrates more than half of them, equivalent to 53 percent. Of these people, 5,418 have died from this virus and 2,769 have died on this border, representing 52 percent, according to figures from the state Health Secretariat.

In a press release this Sunday, only one patient was confirmed dead as a result of Covid-19 in this city. In the state capital, there were four deaths; deaths were also reported in Delicias, Parral, and Temósachic, at the rate of one person in each locality, during the last official Health report.

So far, the towns with the highest number of deaths confirmed by COVID-19 are Ciudad Juarez with 2,769, Chihuahua 1,290, Delicias 290, Parral 221, Cuauhtemoc 185, Nuevo Casas Grandes 73, Meoqui and Camargo with 63, Jimenez 58 and Saucillo 54, due to the epidemic.

The municipalities with the highest number of infections are Juarez with 29,113, the capital has 14,389, Parral 2,159, Delicias 2,076, Cuauhtemoc 1,801, and Ojinaga 1,153 Ojinaga, according to Health information.

By Mexicanist