26 beautiful churches in Guadalajara and its surroundings

The city of Guadalajara is full of churches that are the religious heritage of the inhabitants, but also beautiful architectural works that tourists can enjoy contemplating. Here are the churches located in Guadalajara, this beautiful colonial city, capital of the state of Jalisco.

26 beautiful churches in Guadalajara and its surroundings
The Cathedral of Guadalajara. This cathedral has two 65-meter high towers and is one of the best known symbols and tourist attractions of the city. Photo by Roman Lopez / Unsplash

Guadalajara Metropolitan Cathedral - Construction began in 1561 under the orders of Philip II, King of orders of Philip II, and King of Spain. The two impressive towers with a height of 65 meters have become the symbol of the city. Its interior decoration in Gothic style interior decoration is unique in the country with gilded vaults and ribs.

Metropolitan Tabernacle - Building completed in 1843 with a neoclassical façade. neoclassic style. In its interior, the stained glass windows stand out.

Church of Jesus Maria - It was part of the convent of Dominican nuns founded in 1722. The interior features neoclassical altarpieces and colonial paintings.

Church of La Merced, Our Lady of Mercy - The construction dates from 1721 and has a baroque façade. The Sacristy preserves examples of paintings from the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Church of Santa Monica - Dates from 1733 and is one of the most beautiful examples of colonial Guadalajara. Its facades are of baroque style and the main altar is of neoclassic style.

Church of San Agustín - It dates from the XVI century and its façade is of baroque style. Annexed is the Ex-convent of San Agustin and Santa Monica, currently the School of Music of the University of Guadalajara.

Church of San Juan de Dios - Dates from 1726. It has a sober façade. To one side is the traditional Plaza de los Mariachis.

Church of San Francisco de Asis - Built at the end of the XVI century. It has a beautiful baroque-style façade.

Church of Our Lady of Aranzazu - The only church dating from the 18th century in Guadalajara that preserves its beautiful Churrigueresque altarpieces. Its main altar stands out with its cornices and medallions and polychrome images.

Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem - The facade is made of quarry stone and has preserved its three original altarpieces, which makes it a unique case in Guadalajara.

Church of Our Lady of Pilar - Dates from 1720 and has beautiful neoclassical altars, mural paintings, and a leaded ceiling.

Church of San Diego de Alcalá - Built in the second decade of the XVIII century, its main façade is simple and elegant. its main façade is simple and elegant.

Church of San Felipe Neri - Its construction was concluded in 1802 and its façade of beautiful plateresque style, together with its majestic tower make the whole building exceptionally interesting. In its interior, you can appreciate 14 paintings attributed to Miguel Cabrera, the greatest Mexican painter of the 18th century.

Church of Our Lady of Carmen - Founded in the 17th century and rebuilt in the 19th century in the neoclassical style. 19th century in neoclassical style. Its interior preserves a series of beautiful old paintings.

Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary - Interesting construction of 1962 with a neoclassical style. neoclassical style. Its interior is of classic style, where the paintings on the walls stand out. Parroquia del Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe - It was concluded in 1781 with a Churrigueresque style. Churrigueresque style.

El Expiatorio, Church of the Most Holy Sacrament - Its construction began in 1897 and has a neo-Gothic style with an impressive quarry façade divided into three sections. Its interior features long stained glass windows on both sides of the central apse.

Church of San José de Gracia - Elegant neoclassical building from the 19th century, built on the site of the former Santo Domingo Convent.

Church of Santa María de Gracia - Its construction began in 1661 and was part of a convent. The sacristy shows great oil paintings by Diego de Cuentas.

Parish of San Miguel de Mezquitán - Completed in 1733. It shows an interesting quarry façade preceded by a large atrium.

Parish of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Churrigueresque construction of 1781.

Church of the Lord of the Ascension - Baroque building from the XVIII century.

Church of the Light of the World - Modern construction whose form is an ellipse of 60 x 90 meters with pyramidal ascending bodies. Its tower rises to 60 meters. The building has no main facade, but each of the parabolas looks like a facade without a beginning or end. In the interior, the horizontal soffits are made of stained glass with each of the colors of the rainbow.

Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary - Neoclassical construction of 1958. The cover stands out for its sculptures of angels dressed as Charros and Chinas Poblanas.

Parish of San Juan Bautista - Dates from 1541. The current building has a transitional style between baroque and neoclassical.

Parish of San José de Analco - It was built in 1543 and was the most important temple of its time. The facade is of plateresque style and the beautiful main altar is made of quarry stone.

Church of San Sebastián de Analco - One of the oldest churches in Guadalajara, most of what is preserved dates from the 17th century and combines baroque and neoclassical elements. Two interesting sculptures of indigenous heroes can be seen in the adjoining garden.