It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the tourist area of Costalegre, in Jalisco; Chalacatepec stands out for its smooth white sand and its natural wealth highly valued worldwide. Just 25 minutes from the municipal seat of Tomatlan, this paradise offers tourists an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, as well as movie sets.

Years ago it was announced that the "new Cancun" would be built on this site, but environmental authorities stopped the project to prevent its local and regional ecosystems from being at risk. Among its rock formations are the remains of an old ship, which according to residents, they belong to a pirate ship that sailed the waters of the Mexican Pacific hundreds of years ago.

In Chalacatepec a turtle camp was also established since this beach is the ideal place for the reproduction of the sea turtle. Because they lack large tourist complexes, it is the right place for people who seek to contact their inner being and enjoy the sun while their feet receive caresses from the sea.