Puerto Vallarta's Ceviche and Aguachile Festival Returns

Get ready for a mouthwatering feast at the 14th Ceviche and Aguachile Festival in Puerto Vallarta! With renowned chefs, 50 tantalizing options, live music, and family fun, it's an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Don't miss out on the culinary adventure!

Puerto Vallarta's Ceviche and Aguachile Festival Returns
A mouthwatering array of mango-infused dishes, desserts, and beverages.

Puerto Vallarta is about to witness a culinary extravaganza as the highly anticipated Ceviche and Aguachile Festival makes a comeback for its 14th edition. Brace yourselves for a taste bud-tickling experience, as over 12 local restaurants showcase their most exquisite creations. On Saturday, July 29th, from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m., the Hidalgo Park in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, will transform into a paradise of delectable ceviches and aguachiles, offering a staggering selection of approximately 50 tantalizing options.

But that's not all, dear food enthusiasts! Prepare to be blown away as renowned international chefs from Peru and Colombia grace the event with their culinary prowess. The Ceviche and Aguachile Festival in Puerto Vallarta promises a sensory overload, not just for your taste buds, but also for your ears. With live music filling the air, and a tantalizing variety of beverages, craft beer, and desserts to complement the gastronomic journey, this festival guarantees a fun-filled day for the entire family.

In a bid to boost tourism and facilitate seamless travel between Culiacan and Puerto Vallarta, Volaris, the Mexican airline, has unveiled a new route connecting these two cities. Flights are scheduled for Thursdays and Sundays, providing convenient options for travelers. Departing from Culiacan at 3:30 p.m., the flight gracefully touches down in Puerto Vallarta at 5:20 p.m. Although the flight is brief, lasting a mere 30 to 40 minutes, it's important to note the one-hour time difference. This new route is just one among the seven additional routes launched by Volaris, fostering enhanced connectivity between Culiacán and various other cities.

In other exciting news, the "Gustavo Díaz Ordaz" international airport has proudly earned the prestigious "Inclusive Tourism" distinction from the federal government. The Ministry of Tourism recognizes companies in the tourism sector that have successfully met the standards to accommodate individuals with disabilities. With this recognition, the airport demonstrates its commitment to providing an inclusive and welcoming experience to all passengers.

Prepare your taste buds for yet another culinary adventure! The Estación Gourmet school at the Centro Universitario de la Costa is putting the finishing touches on its gastronomic market. Situated on the corner of Francisco Villa and Libramiento Colosio Avenues, within the premises of the former Regional High School, this culinary haven will house 30 stores offering a diverse array of mouthwatering food. Opening its doors to the public in October, the market aims to cater to the local community and the multitude of tourists that flock to Puerto Vallarta each year, boasting flavors from various states across the country.

Ahoy, cruise enthusiasts! In the first half of this year, Puerto Vallarta welcomed a whopping 350,000 passengers arriving on 112 magnificent cruise ships, surpassing last year's figures for the same period. Despite the ongoing low cruise season, Puerto Vallarta anticipates five arrivals this month. The number of passengers and ships has witnessed a remarkable surge when compared to the previous year. In January alone, 32 cruise ships docked, carrying over 90,000 passengers. February saw over 60,000 cruise enthusiasts on 19 ships, while March hosted 72,537 visitors on 22 ships. As the high season continued, April welcomed 62,165 tourists aboard 21 cruise ships. May and June witnessed a slight decline in cruise passengers, with nearly 42,000 passengers on 13 ships and 25,500 tourists on 5 ships, respectively.

In a sobering revelation, Puerto Vallarta tops the charts as the municipality with the highest incidence of gender-based political violence in Jalisco. According to the Political Electoral Observatory of the University of Guadalajara, this alarming trend highlights the urgent need for women candidates and public officials to come forward and report acts of violence. Surprisingly, despite the 60 complaints registered from 2018 to date, the number of convictions remains dismally low, with a mere 11 cases resulting in sentences. Media personnel emerge as the perpetrators in most instances of political violence against women, highlighting the need for systemic change.

In a disheartening incident, an elderly couple fell victim to a brazen robbery on Friday afternoon at the Lago Real shopping plaza in Mezcales. Reports suggest that the couple had withdrawn 400,000 pesos from a bank branch in the Las Juntas area of Puerto Vallarta and were targeted by armed assailants on a motorcycle as they arrived at the plaza for some leisurely shopping. The stolen cash was proceeds from the sale of land belonging to the couple, who hail from an ejidal nucleus in a neighboring municipality.

Shifting gears to sports, the women's team of Puerto Vallarta secured a resounding victory in the first leg of the Jalisco Cup's round of 16. Displaying their prowess on the field, they triumphed with an astounding 8-0 the scoreline in their away match against Acatlan de Juarez.

In a somber moment, Puerto Vallarta bid farewell to a true icon. Jorge Berry, a renowned Mexican journalist who made his mark on Televisa, passed away on Thursday, July 13, 2023, in Puerto Vallarta. Throughout his illustrious career, Berry earned accolades for his extensive coverage of national and international affairs, spanning politics, economy, and even sports. His legacy lives on in the hearts of those who admired his dedication and contributions to the field of journalism.

The 5th Mango Festival, organized by the Puerto Vallarta - Highland Park Sister Cities Committee, unfolded on Saturday with tremendous success. From 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Lazaro Cardenas Park was abuzz with excitement as more than 25 esteemed restaurants fed the crowd with an array of dishes, desserts, and beverages, all infused with the succulent flavors of mango. The highlight of the festival was an engaging contest where esteemed chefs battled it out to create the most innovative mango-inspired creations.