Taxco's massive Catrina captures international attention

On its opening day, the carpet, which was woven with cempasúchil flowers grown locally, was seen by 30,000 individuals, most of them visitors.

Taxco's massive Catrina captures international attention
The world's eyes are on Taxco because of its massive Catrina. Credit: Comsoc Taxco

The colossal carpet of the Catrina of Taxco de Alarcón has attracted the attention of various social network users worldwide, and in only one day it received over 30 thousand visitors, mostly national and foreign tourists.

The Catrina of Taxco was made by more than 15 thousand cempasúchil plants but it is a Taxco production and for five years this monumental carpet has been made in the Borda square and as a stage in front of the Church of Santa Prisca.

The smell of the cempasúchil flower heralded the coming of the Day of the Dead celebration, and according to Mario Figueroa Mundo, the municipal president of Taxco de Alarcón, the image of the magnificent Catrina visited nations such as Turkey and the United Kingdom last year.

"The goal is to market ourselves," says the architect of Taxco's gigantic Catrina. The picture of Taxco's monumental carpet was chosen by the people, who voted for three ideas created by engineer Máximo Gómez and his sons, who are architects by profession.

Attendees lit candles and conducted a minute of silence during the inauguration.

According to the mayor of Taxco, this colorful, traditional, and cultural town is now in the top ten enchanting towns, and the huge catrina mat rescues the most representative traditions and festivities. The massive Catrina will be on display in Borda Plaza until November 2nd.

The mayor announced the Catrina Festival, which will take place from Friday, October 28 to November 1 and will include horseback riding, music, folklore, contests, workshops, film screenings, a gastro-craft expo, and a play.