The Cancun 2020 Carnival welcomes nearly 100,000 people


More than 85 thousand inhabitants and tourists from Cancun attended the beginning of Carnival Cancun 2020, The Golden Party. The event featured artists such as Alejandra Guzmán, Moderatto and Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia.

The Cancun Carnival featured a parade of allegorical floats every day and presentations by Alejandra Guzmán, Moderatto and Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia.
The Cancun Carnival featured a parade of allegorical floats every day and presentations by Alejandra Guzmán, Moderatto and Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia.

It is now three days and nights of the carnival, in which more than 18 thousand people attended the parade of allegorical floats on Sunday, on the main avenues of the city and about 20 thousand people went to the Parque de las Palapas to see the contests of comparsas.

"We want to make family, to make community, that people identify with this carnival celebration and it has been three extraordinary days in which the atmosphere has been totally family, without sale of alcoholic beverages and with a historic opening of the Tajamar Malecón, which was cleaned and adapted to guarantee the protection of the species of flora and fauna that live there," highlighted during an interview, the municipal president of Benito Juárez, Mara Lezama.

More than 70 workers from the Municipal Public Services Department together with members of the UNIDOSMX Youth Association cleaned the Tajamar Malecón, and with the support of Dolphin Discovery they carried out the Challenge: Carnival Trash 0 campaign.

"The people asked us to recover Tajamar and that Carnival is held there, and we could not ignore that request. In addition to the clean-up, we put up four kilometers of fences in the different areas where they were needed, to protect the different species of flora and fauna that converge in this wonderful place," said Mara Lezama.

During the first days of the carnival, more than 17 tons of solid waste have been removed, with the support of more than 30 red carts used to transport it, which guarantees the handling and disposal of the garbage, for the maintenance of roads and the events that will take place during the five days of celebration at this venue.

Sunday's parade began at 6 p.m., made up of 23 allegorical carts that traveled along Tulum Avenue and its surroundings, as part of the celebrations of Cancun's 50th anniversary. The event was attended by nearly four thousand citizens and visitors. Folkloric dances, typical carnival costumes, and allegorical carts alluding to the Mayan culture stood out.

Civil Protection authorities revealed that 2,500 people enjoyed the inaugural parade on Friday; on Saturday, there were more than 3,500; while Sunday's parade was witnessed by about 4,000 people.

The activities continued at the Parque de las Palapas, where on Sunday 307 dancers performed on the main stage during the Youth Troupe Competition.

A total of eight groups were qualified by the distinguished judges Ema Pulido, Jenny Garcia, Maria Pia Sanz, Erika Honstein and Yurem, who highlighted the potential of the young people of Cancun.

In the Parque de las Palapas, more than 18 thousand people attended the various activities and competitions that took place: four thousand last Friday, six on Saturday and eight thousand on Sunday.

A daily security operation was implemented, which deployed 250 elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety and Traffic and the prohibition of alcohol sales at the points of development of this party. This operation achieved a white balance during the festivities.

Also, 15 firemen, 53 workers, and volunteers of Civil Protection, as well as 200 employees of Public Services, were enabled every day to assist citizens and visitors.

"In many places in Mexico the carnival is held on its Malecon, and the truth is that we could not miss the opportunity for people to enjoy this beautiful landscape, we are very happy with the response of the people, it has been an extraordinary beginning of Carnival Cancun 2020," said Mara Lezama.

By Mexicanist Source Agencies