Cancun violence: six people killed at the resort


The bodies of six people shot to death were found at different points in the Cancun resort, the Telam news agency reported Wednesday.

Terror in Cancun: six people killed at the resort. Photo: Agencies
Terror in Cancun: six people killed at the resort. Photo: Agencies

It is one of the most violent days in recent months for this emblematic tourist destination of the Mexican Caribbean and preferred by Argentine travelers who prefer beaches when it comes to summer.

The first case reported by the Quintana Roo State Attorney General's Office (FGE) was a triple homicide, probably perpetrated with firearms north of the city, according to preliminary information from the investigations.

The second report reported the discovery of a body on a road in Region 235. In both places, the authorities found shell casings that had been damaged and the criminal and scientific police carried out the necessary investigations to try to clarify the facts.

A few streets away from that scene another man was found dead on the sidewalk.

The latest case involves a man whose body was lying on the side of a road from Cancun to Punta Sam, police investigation sources reported.

The FGE reported that it opened four investigation files, related to the murders of these people, local media quoted.

The six cases occurred on the outskirts of southern Cancun, where there are some 128 irregular settlements, according to the Sustainable Urban Land Development Secretariat (Sedetus), the report added.

According to figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, Quintana Roo recorded 685 new investigation files opened for intentional homicide in 2019, of which 53.6 percent corresponds to murders in Cancun.

According to authorities, the violence in Cancun is due to the increase in the circulation of firearms and the increase in alcohol and drug consumption.

But it is also due to the disinterest of politicians and government officials in reconstructing the social fabric, in establishing centers for the treatment of addictions, to impunity and the failure to combat crime, and also to the lack of coordination between the federation, the state and the municipalities on this issue.

The officials tried to bring calm to the population and to the tourists.

By Mexicanist