Two individuals shot and killed a man who was getting out of his pickup truck as he arrived at an office used as a law firm, in a residential area south of Cancun. The crime took place in the Ek Balam subdivision and according to eyewitnesses, the alleged perpetrators were two men on a motorcycle, who intercepted the man as he was getting out of his luxury van, and after shooting him, fled the scene.

The body of the victim, a man of approximately 40 years of age, was leaning left on the driver's door, the upper part on the seat, and his feet on the floor, he was wearing a white plaid shirt, navy blue pants, and black shoes. So far, the authorities have not officially identified the victim, who had several gunshots, which took his life instantly.

Neighbors of the subdivision, located in super block 507, between Tecnológico and Politécnico avenues, reported the incident around 18:35 hours to the 9-1-1 emergency service, and several patrol cars of the Quintana Roo Police arrived at the scene to attend to the emergency. A private ambulance from Jetmedical also arrived, whose paramedics only officially confirmed the death of the person.

Subsequently, the area was delimited by the municipal authorities in a perimeter of approximately 50 meters around to preserve the crime scene, while the Ministerial Police was in charge of gathering information from the neighbors. Investigation agents visualized security cameras in some houses near the place of the attack, so they asked the owners for the videos to obtain more details of the event and in this way obtain information that is essential in the investigations.

Finally, the body was removed by the expert services personnel of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) and was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for the necropsy. In the case of the van, the Ministerial Police was in charge of securing it and transferring it to the Prosecutor's Office.