Cancun's Visa Hurdle Dampens Tourist Numbers

Cancun's latest updates and developments, from a new policy on physical punishment to the renewal of firefighters' response equipment. Discover the latest requests made by tourism businessmen and the impact of visa requirements on the Brazilian market.

Cancun's Visa Hurdle Dampens Tourist Numbers
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Cancun, Mexico - As Easter Week approaches, Cancun's airport prepares for a potential influx of visitors, with reports indicating that daily flights could exceed 600. However, authorities are also focused on improving public safety, with Quintana Roo reaching a budget of 275 million pesos for this purpose.

To promote positive parenting, officials have also implemented a new policy that prohibits physical punishment, stating that parents should not use smacking as a form of discipline. This move has been applauded by child welfare advocates and organizations.

As the region braces for heavy rainfall and showers, Cancun's firefighters have received a much-needed boost. After more than 20 years, their response equipment has been renewed, providing them with the necessary tools to respond to emergencies more effectively.

Meanwhile, tourism businessmen in Benito Juarez have been making requests to the local government, prompting a response from the mayor. In addition, authorities have also received requests to "clean up" the hotel zone in Cancun, a move that is likely to be carefully analyzed before any action is taken.

However, not all news is positive. Tourists from Brazil have reportedly been deterred from visiting Cancun due to the need for a visa, resulting in a 60% decline in the Brazilian market. While this may be disappointing for local businesses, officials are hopeful that other markets will continue to thrive.

As the city of Cancun continues to evolve, officials remain committed to promoting safety, supporting families, and providing tourists with a memorable and enjoyable experience.