Lifeguard Rules Are No Joke in Cancun Waters

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Lifeguard Rules Are No Joke in Cancun Waters
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Greetings, readers! It's a sunny day here in Cancun, but unfortunately, not all news is good news. We have some unfortunate headlines to report today.

First, an Argentinean swimmer drowned in Isla Mujeres after disobeying the lifeguard's instructions. It's important to remember that the lifeguard's rules are in place for everyone's safety, and we must always listen and follow their directions.

Next up, a dump truck hit a motorcyclist on one of Cancun's busy avenues. We hope that the motorcyclist will make a full and speedy recovery, and we remind everyone to take care when driving and to always be aware of their surroundings.

Moving on, a fight broke out in a nightclub in Cancun's hotel zone, leading to the arrest of nine people. It's never a good idea to let things escalate to violence, and we hope that everyone involved will learn from this incident and strive to resolve conflicts peacefully in the future.

In other news, citizens demonstrated in front of the FONATUR offices to protest the suspension of Pic-Nic, a popular gathering spot. We understand that many people are passionate about their favorite spots, but we urge everyone to remember that rules and regulations are in place to keep us all safe and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to enjoy our beautiful city.

Unfortunately, the impact of the pandemic is still being felt in Cancun, as small merchants continue to struggle with slow recovery. We hope that our community will come together to support these small businesses during these difficult times.

On a more positive note, Autocar has announced that they will be putting hybrid buses into service in Cancun. This is great news for our city, as we continue to work towards a more sustainable future.

Lastly, Quintana Roo is set to negotiate a summer rate subsidy with CFE. We hope that this negotiation will be successful, as it will benefit both our residents and visitors alike. That's all for now, folks. Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates!