Cancun's Street Vendors Left Hoppy Without Customers

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Cancun's Street Vendors Left Hoppy Without Customers
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Extra, extra! It's Easter in Cancun and the Catholics are rejoicing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But tianguis, the street vendors, are feeling resentful due to the Easter vacations, which have left them without customers.

To make matters worse, Cancun is suffering from a perception of insecurity, leading to the formation of 40 citizen committees in the area. Firemen are also hoping for a new station to be built in Cancun's Region 259 to better serve the community.

In the midst of all this, there are clues of a multi-homicide in Cancun that continue to be investigated. Three properties have been searched so far. Meanwhile, abandoned vehicles are causing traffic problems in Cancun's arteries, and sargassum is covering over a third of the beaches in Quintana Roo.

But it's not all bad news. The IMSS has reported that Quintana Roo is seeing a 9% increase in job growth and is hiring more human talent. Students in Cancun are also being cleared of vandalism accusations and are not responsible for the damage to the courts.

However, Cancun cab drivers are not doing themselves any favors with their attacks against Uber drivers. The National Guard has also been keeping a close eye on the beaches in Cancun due to their popularity. Lastly, some collectives are criticizing the removal of feminist graffiti from the palace.

And that's your Cancun news update for today, folks! Stay safe out there.