Report of the New Monkeypox Outbreak in Cancun, Mexico

The Cancun area has been hit with verified cases of monkeypox. According to the state government official, the infected people are all residents of Benito Juarez (where Cancun is located).

Report of the New Monkeypox Outbreak in Cancun, Mexico
Monkeypox Outbreak in Quintana Roo: A Statewide Report from Cancun, Mexico. Image by Samuel F. Johanns from Pixabay

Precaution alarms went off in Cancun after the state government spokesman, Fernando Mora Guillen, confirmed at a press conference that the cases of monkeypox in Quintana Roo reported by the Ministry of Health correspond to the municipality of Benito Juarez (where Cancun is located).

After the Mexican Health Ministry (SSA) announced new outbreaks of monkeypox in Mexico and said there were nine confirmed cases in Quintana Roo, the question about where the infected people live was finally answered. Quintana Roo is fourth place in the country with the most cases, just behind Mexico City with 141, Jalisco with 46, and Yucatan with 15.

After the state government, with the support of Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, confirmed the increase in the number of monkeypox infections, the Social Communication Coordinator assured us during the report of activities and events for September that of the nine cases mentioned, seven are confirmed and two are still under surveillance due to suspicion.

"Most of them are in Benito Juarez (Cancun area). There have been two in the south of the state, and the other five confirmed cases are in the north, in the area of Benito Juarez," reiterated Mora Guillen.

The spokesperson of the government of Quintana Roo requested that the Secretary of Health (SESA), in charge of Alejandra Aguirre Crespo, notify him of which gender the infected people belong. He also said that two more people in the town are being tested in a clinic to see if they have monkeypox.

People infected with monkeypox in Cancun

The seven patients confirmed with simian smallpox are citizens of Cancun and none are of foreign origin. The people are being treated remotely, that is to say, they are in confinement away from their homes and "are being monitored every day by the Secretariat of Health," reiterated the state spokesman.

How effective is the monkeypox vaccine

When questioned about the fact that some Mexican states have already begun to inoculate against common smallpox to combat smallpox, Guillen nodded his head, assuring us that "it does not work".

"No, it doesn't work. Well, if the vaccination schedules are being complied with, in fact, in the governor's programs, we have made the call for children to comply with their schedules."

"We know that during the pandemic, many families did not comply with the vaccination and now they have resumed." As for the smallpox vaccine, he ruled out that, for the moment, it is being applied in Mexico because it is still under development.

The clinical picture of monkeypox

The disease with symptoms happens in two phases that usually end on their own in two to four weeks:

Invasion or prodromal period (from 0 to 5 days): fever, intense headache, lumbar pain, myalgias, and extreme tiredness.

Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) is a distinctive feature of simian pox, which differentiates it from other diseases that may initially appear similar, such as chickenpox, measles, and smallpox.

Rash period (between one to three days): first affects the face and spreads to the rest of the body; the evolution of the rash ranges from maculopapular to vesicles to pustules and subsequent crusting occurs in about 10 days. Complete elimination of the scabs may take up to three weeks.