Cancun hurricane: Marco Impacts Mexico and Threatens to Become a Hurricane


In the Yucatan Strait, Mexico, Tropical Storm Marco was moving with winds of 100 kilometers per hour. But then it strengthened southwest of Cuba's western tip, and climate experts expect it to turn into a hurricane in the next few hours.

Cancun hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30
Cancun hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30

The governor of the state of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, where the phenomenon was expected to cross, celebrated Marco's change of course. His state includes the beaches of Cancun, one of Mexico's main tourist destinations.

Currently, both storms appear to be on the way to remaining separate, however, any interaction between the two could change their intensity or trajectory, according to Dan Kottlowski of the company AccuWeather, although he indicated that it is unlikely to combine.

According to the predicted trajectory, Marco will make landfall in the southern states of Texas or Louisiana this Monday and Tuesday, while Laura could do the same two days later.

Still, these forecasts could change over the course of hours or days, so the possibility of both touching U.S. territory strengthened as hurricanes for the first time in history have not been ruled out, according to National Hurricane Center records.

If strengthened, Marco would impact the southern United States as a hurricane near the third anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, which dumped a record of 127 centimeters of rain on parts of Houston in 2017 and caused billions of dollars in damage.

Flights from Cancun to the US were canceled due to the storm

The passage of the tropical storm "Marco" through the area, caused the cancellation of 9 international arrivals of flights from the United States, as well as 7 departures, also to the American Union.

According to information provided by Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR), the terminal operator, six arrivals of United Airlines and 3 of Southwest Airlines, as well as 4 departures of United and 3 of Southwest were canceled and that the destinations affected were Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Houston, and Denver.

According to the report, flights were affected between 2 and 4 p.m. on Saturday.

As for the breakdown of scheduled operations, there were a total of 214, of which 104 were arrivals, 56 national and 48 international. Likewise, 110 departures were scheduled, 56 national and 54 international.

The international destinations with connection to Cancun were Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Havana, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Montreal, New York, Salt Lake, San Francisco, San Luis, Toronto.

The international airlines with scheduled flights were Air Canada, Air Transat, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Sun Country, Southwest, Spirit, United, and West Jet.

Four major hurricanes are forecast for the 2020 season that could affect Cancun

As if facing the difficult situation generated by the global Covid-19 pandemic, which keeps people in quarantine to avoid spreading the virus, it is now reported that four strong hurricanes threaten Cancun during this year's season, which starts in June and ends in November.

According to the forecast from Colorado State University (CSU), the Atlantic hurricane season "will have above-average annual activity", with at least 16 storms and eight hurricanes.

This forecast indicates that there is a 58 percent chance of a major hurricane in Cancun for the 2020 season; which is above the historical average.

In an average year, there are 12 tropical storms in the Atlantic, including six hurricanes and three major categories 3 or higher, however, the CSU forecast for the Atlantic basin in 2020 suggests 16 tropical storms, including eight hurricanes and four major categories 3 to 5, with sustained winds of at least 178 km/hr.

One of the factors behind this projection is the absence of the El Niño phenomenon, and much warmer than average sea surface temperatures in parts of the Atlantic, such as the Gulf of Mexico, according to the CSU, which for its report is based on data accumulated over four decades.

Cancun and the surrounding areas have only been affected by one hurricane on two occasions: Hurricane Gilberto in September 1988 and Hurricane Wilma in October 2005, both 17 years apart.

The last season with four or more major hurricanes was the record year of 2017.

Seer predicts that a devastating hurricane will hit land in Cancun

A new pollution crisis and a devastating hurricane that will land in Cancun are some of the natural disasters predicted by Mhoni Vidente in a television program.

The famous Televisa seer said that a devastating hurricane will cause serious damage from Puerto Rico to Cancun, Quintana Roo, one of the most important tourist spots in Mexico.

The hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30, so the authorities and citizens are advised to be on the lookout.