Cancun braces for the hurricane season 2022

Cancun hurricane season runs from June to November. The period of greatest risk and activity begins in September. Therefore, citizens and visitors need to be attentive only to the official information.

Cancun braces for the hurricane season 2022
Hurricane in Cancun is possible as the riskiest season begins. Image by David Mark from Pixabay

No one can rule out the formation of a hurricane in Cancun. The season of these hydrometeorological phenomena begins every year in June and concludes in November, and for this 2022 season, 16 to 21 tropical cyclones are expected in the Atlantic Ocean, of which there may be between 10 and 11 tropical storms, four and six hurricanes of categories 1 and 2, as well as between two and four cyclones categories 3, 4 and 5 on the Saffir Simpson scale.

Cancun hoteliers ready with their shelters to face hurricane season

The hotel sector is fine-tuning the last details with the municipal authorities for the integration of the shelters that will receive tourists in case of a hurricane, which already numbers more than 90, said Jesús Almaguer Salazar, president of the Hotel Association of Cancún, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres.

"We have a meeting this week to finalize the issue of shelters, since April we went ahead to verify that the shelters are in conditions and assigned, in that sense we have advanced a lot, there are 126 hotels of which so far we have more than 90 with shelters secured and we are going to close the issue with the authorities," he explained.

The most important thing is to verify that the shelter can accommodate the estimated number of guests during the different months of the hurricane season, as well as the possibility of providing them with basic services.

With the pandemic, many schools that function as shelters were abandoned, that is why since April the association began to work on the issue, in addition to having maintenance personnel that could address the conditions of abandonment and so far they have no report that something is missing.

For this reason, the lodging centers make agreements with schools or any other place that functions as a shelter, to have this link and verify that they are inadequate conditions to receive all the tourists that could use them in case of a hurricane.

As a sector they hope that no hydrometeorological phenomenon touches the coasts of Quintana Roo, however, the hotel leader emphasized, that they must be prepared for any incident, especially considering the great positioning that the Mexican Caribbean has worldwide, with high occupancy levels even in low season months.

Almaguer Salazar reminded us that Cancun is the main generator of tourism income in the country and this is proven by the 560 average daily operations at the Cancun International Airport: "We have a lot of demand, an important indicator is, I repeat, the operations at the airport because it is the main way in for tourists, we are talking about 560-570 daily operations and that is very important".

So far -he said- there are not many long-term purchases, so it has been difficult to be certain how the summer will close, but there are already hotels that have reported sales closings for July and even some since June, as long as nature allows it.

For December, for example, there is still no progress in reservations, precisely because something that caused the pandemic is that visitors no longer make reservations in such long terms, most have opted to wait as long as possible.