What are some fun things to do on Halloween in Cancun?

Learn about the activities that will be going on in Cancun around Halloween, so that you may have a good time celebrating this holiday.

What are some fun things to do on Halloween in Cancun?
Where to go and what to do on Halloween in Cancun. Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

Cancun has become a truly international metropolis, with festivities for a wide variety of holidays and the adoption of others, such as the city's now-annual Halloween party. Please find below an article detailing some of the Halloween-related events and activities that may be enjoyed in Cancun.

Cancun Halloween Bash

It's the most well-known holiday on October 31 and features plenty of scary reasons to be scared. There are costume parties at several Cancun pubs and clubs, complete with contests to determine who has the most creative outfit. So that no one misses out on the holiday's revelry, even some "All Inclusive" hotels in Cancun organize special Halloween-related events for their guests.

Cancun's Haunted Attractions

The city's numerous "houses of dread," which promise "terrifying experiences" for groups or individuals, are also popular during the spooky season.

Inquire about Halloween

For the younger members of the family, "asking for the skull" in Cancun's residential areas or shopping malls, where they are permitted to do so in exchange for sweets, is the last resort.

Although Cancun is not a city known for its Halloween decorations, some residents nonetheless go to great lengths to celebrate the holiday, whether it be through "sweet or mischief," even though very few establishments and homes are decorated.

Give yourself a chance this year and go to a Halloween party in Cancun, even if you have never been to one before.