Cancun Struggles with E-Visa Debacle and Controversy

Mexico promised Brazil easier travel with e-visas… months later, they're nowhere to be found! Meanwhile, Cancun sees a massive drop in Brazilian tourists. Coincidence?

Cancun Struggles with E-Visa Debacle and Controversy
A mysterious taxi ride played a role in the strange disappearance and reappearance of a Cancun journalist.

Cancún, our beloved city of crystal-clear waters and all-inclusive resorts, has got some peculiar tales simmering beneath its idyllic surface. Let's unravel a few of the latest oddities, shall we?

The Vanishing E-Visa

Remember when, way back in July 2023, Mexico and Brazil promised “electronic visas” to zip tourists effortlessly between our sun-kissed shores? Well, months later, it appears that promise has vaporized into the Caribbean sea mist. Where did those streamlined electronic wonders go? Did someone lose the password? Tourists from Brazil — a critical bunch for our economy — have slumped by more than 40%. Perhaps the powers that be forgot to hit “save” on that e-visa plan.