A former worker of the Animal Care Center of Cancun denounced through a video the bad handling of the dogs that are taken to the site to be sacrificed because the incinerator does not work, the pets are deposited in the garbage without any sanitary control. Edwin Omar Góngora Díaz, a unionized employee of the City Hall, was in charge of making the testimony, which is part of an internal investigation by the government of Benito Juárez, following the dismissal of Gabriel López as director of the Center, reports La Verdad.

"Regularly our work schedule was from 7:00 in the morning, starting with the washing of cages, we were continuously given a list of canines that had to be discharged, that had to be tried, to sleep, on the instructions of Claudia, who was the administrator of the director (Gabriel Lopez Ceballos) and gave us the list of almost 25 prisoners per week," says the municipal employee with 20 years of work in the City Hall.

"When it was over, we had to put them in black bags, then store them in a refrigerator, in a cooler of approximately more than a meter and a half, we would put 25 bodies that the next day, at 6:00 in the morning, one of us had to arrive early to be able to dispose of them at the municipal dump," denounced Góngora Díaz. His testimony is part of the file CM/D-SUB/PRA-037/2021, initiated by the denunciation of the veterinarian Óscar Ramírez, who accused a series of anomalies, among them the bad handling of the animals that are sacrificed in the Animal Care Center.

The file indicates that the testimony of Góngora Díaz is part of the investigations, according to the official letter CM/D-SUB/1012/2021, on pages 7 and 8 of which the testimonial complaint was delivered, detailing how the bodies of the animals were thrown into the garbage trucks. "The vehicle entered in a reverse way, and we had to present an hour before work, to continue with that instructive activity through Claudia and directed by the director Gabriel Lopez Ceballos.

"All this is to an order, and whoever would not do it, obviously had administrative consequences", accuses the municipal employee, who says that no one does not want to have problems of that kind, and perform a job "not pleasant" attending an instruction from Claudia and the director.

Incinerator out of order

The municipal employee points out that the Animal Care Center pretends to perform cremations inside, but in reality the pets are thrown in the garbage, causing a great deal of contamination. "It is very important to point out that this is very polluting because the refrigerator decomposes, there are no cremations, we have a crematory oven that has not worked for more than two years," he explained, since it was damaged by an explosion caused by an accumulation of LP gas.

He added that after his complaint, he was changed to another position because he had "inconveniences" with the director López Ceballos, who took him to another directorate to work. The 10-minute video also shows that although incineration was not performed, the former director Gabriel Lopez and Claudia, the administrative director, charged the incineration fees, and even gave ashes that were kept at the Center to those who took their pets to be cremated.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations made by Góngora Díaz, the Comptroller's Office, through Juan Carlos Hernández Ángeles, decided not to admit the video as testimonial evidence, even though the file contains photos of workers taking the animals in black bags to the garbage truck. It should be noted that after this series of complaints of anomalies, López Ceballos was removed from his position.

This is not the first report that La Verdad Noticias has published about the Animal Care Center, as it was documented that its veterinarian, Mirna Rodríguez, charges vaccinations at the center, whose income is not reported to the Treasury, and date, the specialist continues to work there.