Crocodile scares the crap out of gringo tourists in Cancun

The happy foreign tourists were happily strolling around Cancun when they saw the crocodile and were shocked, but they still caught it on video.

Cancun crocodiles harmless for tourists. Image from the internet
Cancun crocodiles harmless for tourists. Image from the internet

Some gringo tourists were terrified when they were walking on the Nichupte lagoon in the Hotel Zone of Cancun and saw a huge crocodile that was heading towards them looking at them with an "I'm hungry" face, so they decided to videotape the moment.

In this brief 55 second video, you can see how the crocodile slowly approaches the foreign visitors, who at all times express their astonishment at the size of the reptile, which does not stop showing off by extending its tail and swimming slowly.

The crocodile gave the gringos a good scare and when they noticed the presence of the reptile they could not hide their fear.

As the recording progresses, it can be observed how this crocodile gets to where the restless tourists are, and then turns around and walks away from the frightened travelers, who do not fail to mention its large size, in addition to expressing their fear of the imposing animal.

During their vacations, foreign tourists are always looking for new experiences and if it is an adventure like this one, it is better, as they can show it off to their acquaintances when they return from their vacations.

These videos of crocodiles appearing in various tourist spots in Cancun have become increasingly common, but some of them turn out to be different due to the proximity of the reptile, as in this case where it frightened those who made this recording.

The reactions of the internet users were immediate in this case, and they asked the gringo tourists to come and learn some Spanish with the crocodile, as well as to drink some good tequilas to the rhythm of the mariachi as is done in Mexico.

"Don't get gringos to come and say hello to your crocodile friend so he can teach you some Spanish and give you a tour of the lagoon, hahaha, don't be afraid that there in the United States they also have their crocodiles but ours are prettier, hahaha". (sic).


Contrary to what might seem, the crocodiles located in the Nichupté Lagoon in Cancun's Hotel Zone are harmless to tourists, said Javier Carvallar Osorio, in charge of the conservation program of the Onca Maya A.C. organization.

According to Carvallar Osorio, Nichupté Lagoon is home to two types of species: Acutus, better known as the American crocodile, and Moreletii, commonly known as the swamp crocodile.

This type of specimens base their diet on insects, fish, turtles and other animals that do not include humans, but quite the opposite, they fear them, as they are the main predator of the animal, said the specialist.

However, according to Onca Maya's conservation program manager, reptiles tend to attack when people accidentally approach, feed, enter or fall into the lagoon.

"We're talking about animals that fear man because he's their biggest predator. However, there are people who feed them, the crocodile bites them but in reality what it wants is food because if you realize there have never been cases of crocodiles that eat people, those are not here," said the environmentalist.

In this context, Carvallar Osorio recommended the general population not to feed the animals, if you see one leave it alone, do not approach it and report it to the telephone numbers of the Federal Attorney for Animal Protection (Profepa).

The crocodiles that do eat humans or at least would be able to do so, are those that live in the Amazon or in places like New Zealand, said Javier Carvallar.

"The crocodiles that do eat people or would be more capable of doing so are those found in the Amazon, for example, or New Zealand, if you want to find one of that type is where there are, but not here, we should not be confused or alert about a species that has been invaded their habitat," said the interviewee.


Some tourists in Cancun were terribly scared when they were about to board a boat that would give them a tour of the Nichupte lagoon in the Hotel Zone and they saw a huge crocodile staring at them and to everyone's surprise, it began to swim slowly towards them without taking its eyes off them.

In this video of three minutes and 27 seconds, you can hear the voices of the surprised travelers who did not count on the presence of this imposing friend and his desire to have a "friendly" approach to get to know them better.

As the recording progresses, we can see how this reptile gets to where the restless tourists are and then dives between the space left by the bridge and the boat, but at no time does it stop observing them, which is disturbing, as well as terrifying in any case.

The surprised visitors cannot help but express their fear of this situation, even though they are not at risk, but on several occasions, they make reference to their safety on board the boat, because they have only seen crocodiles on television before this trip.