Huge crocodiles, boas and raccoons invade Cancun hotel

Impressive images and videos have been shared where the presence of one of the most powerful predators of the animal kingdom can be appreciated in a visit to the interior of a recognized hotel in the city of Cancun.

Massive crocodiles, boas and raccoons take over Cancun's hotel
Massive crocodiles, boas and raccoons take over Cancun's hotel

The amazing thing about the image is how close these animals are to the few people left in the hotels, as they seem to have taken over their land again and the partially empty hotels have now become their breeding, hunting, and playgrounds for the local fauna.

In the image we see the powerful crocodile resting and threatening the hotel employees with its tremendous open jaws, showing the sharp fangs ready to crush, however, it was not the only visitor because it also found a beautifully colored boa that moved with great freedom.

Raccoons were other jungle tenants that have taken over the wonderful jungle lands of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the charming little animals have surprised everyone with their tender presence in the hotels that are now empty due to the sanitary contingency of COVID 19.

While the quarantine is extended there will be further sightings of wild animals recovering their homes or their natural habitat in which large hotel complexes are currently located.

Cancun crocodiles harmless to tourists

Contrary to what might seem, the crocodiles located in the Nichupté Lagoon in Cancun's Hotel Zone are harmless to tourists, said Javier Carvallar Osorio, in charge of the conservation program of the Onca Maya A.C. organization.

According to Carvallar Osorio, Nichupté Lagoon is home to two types of species: Acutus, better known as the American crocodile, and Moreletii, commonly known as the swamp crocodile.

This type of specimens base their diet on insects, fish, turtles and other animals that do not include humans, but quite the opposite, they fear them, as they are the main predator of the animal, said the specialist.

However, according to Onca Maya's conservation program manager, reptiles tend to attack when people accidentally approach, feed, enter or fall into the lagoon.

"We're talking about animals that fear man because he's their biggest predator. However, there are people who feed them, the crocodile bites them but in reality what it wants is food because if you realize there have never been cases of crocodiles that eat people, those are not here," said the environmentalist.

In this context, Carvallar Osorio recommended the general population not to feed the animals, if you see one leave it alone, do not approach it and report it to the telephone numbers of the Federal Attorney for Animal Protection (Profepa).

The crocodiles that do eat humans or at least would be able to do so, are those that live in the Amazon or in places like New Zealand, said Javier Carvallar.

"The crocodiles that do eat people or would be more capable of doing so are those found in the Amazon, for example, or New Zealand, if you want to find one of that type is where there are, but not here, we should not be confused or alert about a species that has been invaded their habitat," said the interviewee.

Crocodile appears in Cancun parking lot

Several people were surprised when they were inside the parking lot of a hardware store in Cancun, and observed how a crocodile walked quietly through the place, leaving all those present with their mouths open, who did not miss the opportunity to immortalize with a video this unusual moment from the inside of their cars.

In the video of only five seconds, you can see the reptile walking around the parking lot of the establishment with enviable tranquility, while people stay inside their cars, taking advantage to record with their cell phones this unusual situation.

Surprisingly, the crocodile advanced slowly among the parked cars in Cancun, in some cases passing very, very close to them, preventing the crew from getting off and doing their shopping as they had planned.

The only thing that can be heard in this recording is the nervous laughter of the couple in charge of making the video, who are always showing their amazement, as the crocodile passes by the side of their car,

The presence of animals in several points of Cancun is increasingly frequent due to the lack of people on the streets due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus.

Giant crocodile appears just below a tourist

The happy foreign tourists were happily strolling around Cancun when they saw the crocodile and were shocked, but they still caught it on video, reported La Verdad.

A foreign tourist who was spending his vacation in Cancun got the scare of his life when he was recording with his cell phone a beautiful panorama from a dock and started to hear some sounds in the wood. 

It was just when he was looking at the water that he realized that just below where he was located was a giant crocodile, observing in the first instance only its huge head, capturing every moment of this unusual experience on video.

Unlike other videos about this type of reptile in Cancun, this time it is impressive to be able to see such an impressive-sized crocodile at close range, especially when you realize that if it gets upset without any problem it could hurt the wooden dock.

The astonished visitor never ceases to express his amazement at this amazing but also frightening vacation experience, in which he lived with his wife.

"I love crocodiles, I find them surprising, but this one is really frightening because of its size. I want to move from the place but I am afraid of disturbing it and that it may attack us or damage the wood", says the man.

Moments before the end of the recording, the crocodile starts moving, letting its giant body be seen as it advances a few meters and then sinks into the water.

Crocodile gets some tourists scared out of their wits

Some tourists in Cancun were terribly scared when they were about to board a boat that would give them a tour of the Nichupte lagoon in the Hotel Zone and they saw a huge crocodile staring at them and to everyone's surprise, it began to swim slowly towards them without taking its eyes off them.

In this video of three minutes and 27 seconds, you can hear the voices of the surprised travelers who did not count on the presence of this imposing friend and his desire to have a "friendly" approach to get to know them better.

As the recording progresses, we can see how this reptile gets to where the restless tourists are and then dives between the space left by the bridge and the boat, but at no time does it stop observing them, which is disturbing, as well as terrifying in any case.

The surprised visitors cannot help but express their fear of this situation, even though they are not at risk, but on several occasions, they make reference to their safety on board the boat, because they have only seen crocodiles on television before this trip.

These videos of crocodiles appearing in various tourist spots in Cancun have become increasingly common, but some of them turn out to be different due to the proximity of the reptile, as in this case where it frightened those who made this recording.