Crime: The ex-call center partner would have ordered the kidnapping of workers "for revenge"


An ex-partner of the company, allegedly linked to organized crime, would have ordered the kidnapping of 30 workers of a call center, which occurred on the night of July 2, in Cancun, due to differences with the other owners of the company, indicates the main line of investigation followed by the authorities of Quintana Roo.

Commando kidnaps 27 employees in Cancun's call center... their whereabouts unknown. Image: Reforma
Commando kidnaps 27 employees in Cancun's call center... their whereabouts unknown. Image: Reforma

Three people were released by the kidnappers

That Tuesday afternoon, a group of eight armed men forcibly entered the call-center located on Santa Fe Avenue, number 39 at Supermanzana 524 in Cancun, and kidnapped 30 people between the ages of 18 and 40.

After the kidnapping was reported, elements of the National Guard, Mexican Army, State Police, and Public Prosecutor's Office began a search operation. The next morning, Alberto Capella, head of the State Secretariat of Public Security, reported through his Twitter account that the victims had been rescued in good health.

Among the victims one of the partners

According to Televisa's newscast En Punto, a total of 27 people were released and located in a home located at Supermanzana 325 in Cancun. Three more were released earlier by the kidnappers hours earlier.

The official stressed that "the strongest line of investigation is this difference between the partners of the company and is probably revenge of one of them towards their employees and their other partner. And there was indeed a partner who was deprived of his freedom within this group of 27.

The detainees were identified as Victor "N", Alvaro "N", Gustavo "N", Jan "N" and Jorge "N". Five long arms, type ar-15, and two short arms, caliber 9 millimeters, magazines, and cartridges were secured at the site.

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27 call center employees kidnapped in Cancun

At least 27 people were forcibly removed from a call center in Cancun by a group of people who took them in a van.

Mexican authorities are investigating the disappearance of at least 27 people who were forcibly removed from a telephone vacation sales center located in a residential area in Cancun's Mexican resort.

Through his Twitter account, Jesús Alberto Capella, secretary of Public Security in the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, announced Wednesday that they are investigating the disappearance of the workers.

"All institutions are responding to reports of disappearances in Benito Juarez. According to witnesses, there was an unusual movement of people in a business, without violence or firearms. We respectfully request not to speculate", he published in his social networks.

According to an information card issued on Wednesday by the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo, this agency has already initiated the investigation related to these events by the "possible illegal deprivation of liberty to the detriment of at least 27 people.

The state prosecutor's office points out that, according to the first investigations and according to witnesses, a group of unknown persons broke into a house set up as an office to perform services for the sale of vacation spaces by telephone, and the workers were taken away in two vans.

"They left the place with the employees, without any signs of violence or the presence of weapons; so far their whereabouts are unknown," the information card said.

One of the lines of investigation revealed by the Attorney General's Office is related to problems among the company's partners since they say they separated about 15 days ago.

"It is known that the subjects who participated also took three cars and a motorcycle owned by the people who worked in the establishment," said the state Attorney General's office.

According to neighbors, the events occurred at 18:00 local time on Tuesday (23:00 GMT) but were not reported to authorities until hours later.

The case is investigated as a "possible illegal deprivation of liberty" by authorities at all three levels of government.

During the whole of the morning, a broad search and location operation was deployed for these more than 20 people, including at least one minor.

According to testimonies of the facts, the subjects who took the workers did carry long weapons.

As soon as the morning conference began, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was questioned by the press about the event.

"It seems to be a conflict between the two groups. It is still not possible to speak of a kidnapping in the sense that they are criminal gangs, but that they are two groups that have some activity and are in dispute," said the president.

He added that, in the case of a dispute, these "are not methods for settling differences.

According to official data, in Quintana Roo there are at least five criminal groups that have been involved in strong clashes over control of drug sales, mainly in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, with shootings in establishments and settling of scores, driving tourists away from their beaches.

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