The reactivation of operations at Cancun airport gains momentum


Since the weekend, Cancun International Airport has surpassed more than 170 daily air operations, with flights coming from at least eight U.S. cities. Last weekend alone it registered 207 operations in one day, the highest activity since the beginning of the pandemic last March that cancelled for more than two months almost 80 air connections to Cancun.

Cancun Airport arrivals. Photo: Agencies
Cancun Airport arrivals. Photo: Agencies

In view of the prospect of an increase in air operations, Aeropuertos del Sureste (Asur), the air terminal concessionaire, reported that since July 14, that "In response to the reactivation to 30% of the hotel supply in accordance with the orange epidemiological traffic light for Quintana Roo and after a thorough analysis of the likelihood of reactivation of some airlines and their flights, the decision was taken to reopen the operation of Terminal 2, for domestic flights, being the airlines, Viva Aerobus and Volaris which will operate their flights from destinations within Mexico in this terminal.

Once the most critical stage of the air crash is over, several airlines have announced the reactivation of frequencies to Cancun; one of them is Interjet, which informed in a press release that it will add 21 weekly frequencies from and to Cancun, 14 to Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, and Merida; as well as seven to Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Cozumel. Viva Aerobús announced that as of July they reactivated more than 16 daily operations to and from Cancun.

Other companies such as Spirit have reported their resumption of operations to Cancun with 36 weekly flights throughout July; likewise, Delta Airlines announced the regularization of its flights to Cancun with three daily operations since last June, as well as seven flights a week since July 1st.

On Wednesday, Asur reported 173 air operations, of which 84 were arrivals, (52 national and 32 international), as well as 89 departures (52 national and 37 international).

The international destinations with flights scheduled this week were Atlanta, Baltimore, Caracas, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Havana, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Salt Lake City.

According to public information from Asur, Cancun International Airport has air connections to 31 countries and 103 destinations in Europe, the United States, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean, with a total of 54 airlines. By far, the American Union is the country with the most air activity in Cancun.

Last year alone, according to figures from the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, the flow of U.S. tourists to Cancun through 40 air routes was 4.1 million travelers. The second country with more air connectivity to Cancun is Canada, with 17 cities with direct flight to the Mexican Caribbean operated by seven airlines.

Other important markets for Cancun are Lima, Peru with 219,690 visitors during 2019; Bogota, Colombia with 203,938; Havana, Cuba with 196,938 and Madrid, Spain 170,177 travelers during last year.