While assuring that all flights from the United States to Mazatlan have been confirmed for the winter season, the Undersecretary of Planning, Investment and Tourism Development of SECTUR, Juan Jose Ruiz Gonzalez, is confident that the Canadian market can also be reactivated. He explained that negotiations with Canadian airlines are at an advanced stage, so they expect some routes to resume operations in the first part of the season, and the rest from January onwards.

"We are very happy and optimistic and we are going to be able to reactivate this market for the winter season, with the United States we have about five routes that are already going to resume operations and those of Vancouver, Calgary are the ones we are trying to tie for the season, there are also the Sunwing flights, which are charters," he said.

However, he acknowledged that maintaining the eight flights from Canada and another number from the United States will depend on the behavior of the pandemic in Mexico and mainly that the infections remain low in Sinaloa. Ruiz Gonzalez emphasized that thanks to the measures implemented by the three levels of government, the active cases of Covid have been reduced to a great extent.

"We have been able to reduce the number of active Covid cases to a good extent and once again we are in yellow, we hope this trend will continue and this will depend on the reactivation of the winter vacation market," he said.

He added that they also have good expectations for the national market, so a good year end is foreseen for Mazatlan in terms of tourism. "After the downturn we suffered in August due to the third wave that hit us very hard, we are going to recover little by little and we expect to have good occupancy weekends," he concluded.