Despite the pandemic, around 80 businesses open their doors a month in the municipality of Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen), according to the registry kept by the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur).

There is a spirit of investment in the municipality, which is on the road to commercial recovery also due to the hotel occupancy levels that are maintained. There is a recovery with these activities that are being carried out with the hotel industry.

Among the businesses that are opening the most in Playa del Carmen are those related to tourism services, such as the sale of tour packages to the different attractions offered by the Riviera Maya, in addition to grocery stores, clothing, and shoe stores. Most of the businesses we are talking about are affiliated with the chamber, which is very beneficial for everyone.

Currently, the Canaco-Servytur in Playa del Carmen has more than a thousand members and is the business organization that has more union support.

Last year there was uncertainty due to the pandemic that stagnated the opening of businesses, however, gradually opportunities began to open up in other types of businesses, such as pharmaceuticals and cleaning equipment, which are in high demand in these times of the coronavirus.

Currently, the Riviera Maya is in high summer vacation season, with an average occupancy rate of 63.5% so far in August, although contrary to last July, this month has not registered peaks of 70%, on the contrary, there has been a slight decrease of up to three percentage points. It is expected to continue with the opening of businesses of various lines of business in spite of the upcoming season starting in September.