English newspaper has audio of Bryon Castillo faking nationality

The Ecuadorian National Team is once again in the eye of the storm as a result of an audio recording that was published in an English newspaper in which Byron Castillo accepts his false nationality.

English newspaper has audio of Bryon Castillo faking nationality
Bryon Castillo's false claims of citizenship have been documented in an audio recording published in an English newspaper. Credit: Agencies

Recently, Ecuador was "saved" from almost being kicked out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Everyone thought the case was closed, but now the situation has taken a surprising turn because an English newspaper claims to have Byron Castillo's confession that he is a fake citizen.

As far as everyone knows, Byron Castillo's current national team might not be able to go to Qatar 2022 if FIFA confirms that he is not an Ecuadorian. This is something that, according to an English newspaper, is possible since they would have audio that proves everything.

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail," they would have audio of Byron Castillo, who plays for Leon in the Liga BBVA MX, admitting that he is not Ecuadorian. This would be proof that they have already given to FIFA.

The Daily Mail says they not only have this audio, but also proof of a fake birth certificate and fake passports, which could cause Ecuador and its presence in Qatar in 2022 a lot of trouble.

A few weeks ago, the Chilean National Team filed a lawsuit against the player and Ecuador to leave them without a place in Qatar 2022, which would lead to them since Byron participated in 8 matches of the Conmebol Qualifiers, as they asked to subtract the points.

If the report is true, FIFA will look at the evidence presented by the English newspaper that the Ecuadorian Football Federation allegedly tried to hide. This would mean:

Byron Castillo was born in 1995 and not 1998, as his Ecuadorian record states.
His real name would be Bayron Javier Castillo Segura and not Byron David Castillo.
Segura, as his Ecuadorian certificate states.
They describe how he left Colombia for Ecuador.
They say that a businessman was the one who gave him a new identity.