Boy suffers electric shock in Cancun's water park

The boy was taken in an ambulance to receive medical attention after suffering an electric shock inside one of the pools of the famous water park in Cancun.

Boy suffers electric shock in Cancun's water park
Ventura Park. Image for ilustration ourpose only. Children playing on water slides.

An eight-year-old boy suffered an electric shock inside one of the pools of the water park Ventura Park, located in Cancun's Hotel Zone, where the family reported that the staff of the place avoided calling an ambulance to prevent the case from being made public.

It was through social networks that this news was made known, by the mother of the minor, who denounced the lack of concern of the employees in taking care of their visitors, indicating that the event occurred last July 20, but that until today she was encouraged to reveal it.

"On Wednesday I went to Ventura Park in Cancun with my eight year old son Hugo, it was approximately 3:30 in the afternoon and my son was inside the pool, when my son wanted to get out he grabbed a handrail around the pool and was shocked (which had no reason to have electricity, it left him unconscious and threw him to the bottom of the pool, a young man saw him and pulled him out", said the mother.

She mentioned that after a resuscitation maneuver, the minor reacted, and when she asked for an ambulance to be called, the Ventura Park personnel did not do so, alleging that the child was already conscious, while the victim complained of intense pain, in addition to confirming that he had been electrocuted, which workers and security guards denied.

"My anger was that I wanted an ambulance they did not call it and I told them to leave my son and that I was taking him to the hospital and they would not let me touch him," she revealed.

The woman indicated that a private unit that she requested arrived, and later Civil Protection personnel arrived, who closed the pool, and that she had to ask an acquaintance to report it since Ventura Park employees prohibited her from making calls.

So far, the water park has not issued any statement on its social networks nor has it issued any statement about this, which was reminiscent of the death of little Leonardo in Xcaret's Xenses Park in the Riviera Maya, when he was sucked into a tube.