Gennady Golovkin: GGG's sarcastic statement towards rival Saul Alvarez

Gennady Golovkin, a Kazakh boxer known by his ring name GGG, recently expressed his happiness that his bout with Canelo took place at this time rather than at a later age.

Gennady Golovkin: GGG's sarcastic statement towards rival Saul Alvarez
Comment made sarcastically by Gennady Golovkin about Saul Alvarez, his opponent. Credit: Gennadiy Golovkin@GGGBoxing

Gennady Golovkin faces Canelo Alvarez this Saturday, September 17, in a clash of reserved prognosis, which for the Kazakh looks like the most relevant duel that you will be able to follow. We are just days away from the clash and the declarations and excitement are rising in Las Vegas for the outcome of the story between two epochal boxers.

Canelo has left his mark on Golovkin and the Kazakh has left his mark on the Mexican. On the sidelines of the bout, GGG maintained how transcendent the showdown is for the sport and stressed that it is "the biggest fight in boxing." "This fight is important for the sport. It rewards the fans and creates new fans. It's the biggest fight in boxing and certainly the biggest fight in our trilogy," advanced GGG, who arrives at 40 years old to the super middleweight clash.

He added that "this is the kind of fight that makes boxing grow" and did not shy away from his excitement to create a story among the great trilogies in the history of pay-per-view boxing. "Trilogies are historic and I'm excited to be part of one. It's awesome. It means the first two fights were so good that we were in demand and the fans wanted to see us fight each other again."

In an interview with Box Azteca, Canelo Alvarez said that facing the same opponent three times undoubtedly makes the event the most important in his career. The first occasion was in September 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena, where Canelo and GGG drew, and in the second encounter was in 2018, the Mexican won on the cards. Now everything will be defined on September 17 at the same venue.

Gennady Golovkin has accepted Saul Alvarez's challenge for the biggest fight in his career.
Gennady Golovkin has accepted Saul Alvarez's challenge for the biggest fight in his career. Photo: Agencies

GGG's sarcastic statement towards rival Saul Alvarez

Kazakhstan fighter Gennady Golovkin has begun to make his fight outside the ring in the run-up to his September 17 showdown with Canelo Alvarez, now with a statement that was labeled as sarcastic. Gennady Golovkin arrives at this showdown at 40 years of age and is ready to make a splash in the third fight against the tapatío, who took on many opponents before coming up against GGG, his great opponent.

Gennady Golovkin explained in the framework of this bout, that he had to concede in different aspects for the fight against Canelo Alvarez, but that his main relief is that it happens now and not when he was 50 years old.

"I made many concessions to Canelo to have this fight intact because I always wanted this third fight. I would never give up a championship belt, nor would I move to a different weight to avoid an opponent. And even though four years is too long between the last fight and this one, I'm relieved that Canelo didn't wait until I was 50 to accept a third fight. For a while it seemed like a long shot," commented Golovkin.

Despite this factor, GGG has never been pessimistic about this situation and has warned that he will be dangerous in his 40s when measuring himself against Canelo Alvarez.

What division and titles are at stake in the Canelo vs GGG fight?

In the bout this Saturday, September 17, Canelo Alvarez will expose his WBC, WBO, WBA, WBA, and IBF super middleweight championships. Gennady Golovkin will be moving up in weight, from 160 lbs. to 168 lbs. for the first time in his career and has not decided if he will remain at super middleweight or move down to middleweight where he is champion. This Saturday, September 17, from the T-Mobile Arena, Canelo Alvarez will be facing Gennady Golovkin and you can watch the fight.

Who is GGG? History, record, and his best fights

This Saturday, the Kazakh fighter GGG Gennady Golovkin will face the Mexican Saúl Canelo Álvarez, a fight that will end the trilogy and the great rivalry that has arisen between these two figures of boxing in the last 15 years. The bout features the undisputed 168-pound champion Saul Canelo Alvarez against Golovkin, who will be looking to come out on top and add to his legacy that has placed him among the best in history and surely the greatest in his country.

Gennady Golovkin's beginnings in boxing

Gennady Golovkin was born in Karaganda, a town in Kazakhstan, on April 8, 1982; he comes to the fight against Canelo at the age of 40, and in a recent interview he said he was relieved that Canelo did not face him when he was 50 years old. Golovkin is the youngest of four brothers. He grew up with Sergey and Vadim, his older brothers who died in the war when Genaddy was still a child; his other brother, named Max is his twin.

Golovkin began boxing as a child, between the ages of eight and 11, showing technique and skills for the sport in which he left an amateur record of 345-5-0. He boasts of having been a world champion in the amateur field and of having won a silver medal in Athens 2004.

Gabor Balogh's Professional Debut

On May 6, 2006, Gabor Balogh, of Hungarian origin, was Gennady Golovkin's first opponent and was defeated by knockout, achieving the Kazakh the first of his career, which before the third bout against Canelo, boasts 37 in 42 victories. His last fight was on April 9 of this year in Japan and he defeated Ryota Murata by knockout, leaving this duel with the middle centers of the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Association.

Gennady Golovkin's Professional Record

Gennady Golovkin has a professional boxing record of 42 wins, 37 by knockout, one loss, and one draw. Those two career blemishes came from Canelo's 2017 draw and 2018 loss.

Tim Bradley slams Gennady Golovkin for Canelo Alvarez

Gennady Golovkin defeated Ryota Murata to lift three middleweight crowns and earn a straight ticket to a trilogy with Canelo Alvarez this September 2022. But even though the fight generates morbidity in the fans, for Tim Bradley, the result is more than a foregone conclusion.

This past Saturday, Gennady Golovkin had one of the most complicated fights of his career when he captured the World Boxing Association belt held by Ryota Murata, in a contest in which the Japanese began to dominate from the first chapter until around the fourth round in one of the most complicated exhibitions for the Kazakh in his career, showing that his physical condition weighed him down after 15 months without activity and because of his 40 years of age.

At the end of the day, GGG was crowned after coming from behind to knock out Ryota Murata, whose legs were so weak that his corner decided to throw in the towel before the last third of a fight in which the Japanese began to lose ground to the power of the International Boxing Organization and International Boxing Federation world champion.

Former world champion Tim Bradley shares the aforementioned views to such an extent that he predicted a knockout of Canelo Alvarez against Gennady Golovkin in the possible trilogy that is still on hold. For the third chapter deal to be finalized, it will be necessary for the Mexican to first beat Dmitry Bivol on May 7 in Las Vegas, in a show in which the Russian will put at stake the World Boxing Association title in the semi-complete category.

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez
Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. Credit: Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez

According to Tim Bradley in statements made to Fight Hype, Gennady Golovkin has no chance with Canelo Alvarez because the first factor is that the Kazakh would have to gain eight pounds if he wants to compete with the Mexican star for the four undisputed champion belts at 168 pounds. The former boxer believes that the red-headed fighter is completely dominant at super middleweight, which is why GGG would sacrifice his physique.

But Tim Bradley did not want to demerit what Gennady Golovkin did at the Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, when addressing the Kazakh's performance of coming from behind in the 12-round fight, although he stressed that with Canelo Alvarez the chances are slim, just as Dmitry Bivol would have them thanks to the Mexican's boxing in the ring.