What is boreal winter and when does it begin in Mexico?

Boreal winter, what is it? This phenomenon only occurs in countries like Mexico, which are in the northern hemisphere. This is when it occurs this year.

What is boreal winter and when does it begin in Mexico?
When does boreal winter start in Mexico, and what is it like? Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Winter is one of the favorite seasons for many people due to the low temperatures, as well as the upcoming events such as the posadas, Christmas, New Year, gifts, and food that are craved during this season.

After the presence of high temperatures in the past weeks, caused by a heat wave, the time is approaching for cold lovers to rejoice with the cold front season of 2022.

In Mexico, the boreal winter will begin next Wednesday, December 21, and conclude on Monday, March 20, 2023. With the arrival of this season, the days are shorter and the nights are longer, in addition to the change from daylight saving time to winter time.

Why is it called boreal winter?

The arrival of this season is due to the December solstice, which indicates the change of astronomical seasons of winter and summer, respectively, for the two hemispheres of our planet (north and south).

At the solstice, the trajectory of the Sun appears more to the north or south and the change of seasons on Earth depends on this since the planet is slightly tilted on its axis as it travels around the Sun.

When the northern hemisphere receives more indirect solar energy, cooler temperatures are generated; while the southern hemisphere receives more direct sunlight, which causes warmer temperatures, thus giving rise to summer, explains NASA.