Boats to the Islas Marias: The first tourist ferry arrives in San Blas

The government of San Blas made the announcement that the first ferry had arrived at the dock, marking the beginning of tourist visits to the Islas Marias, via social media.

Boats to the Islas Marias: The first tourist ferry arrives in San Blas
Tourist ferry Islas Marías II arrives in San Blas, Nayarit. Credit: NAPINIACA CASA CULTURAL

It was through social networks that the government of San Blas announced the arrival of the first ferry to the dock, which will start with the tourist tours to the Islas Marías.

The news was announced almost six months after the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced in April that two tourist ferries would arrive at the dock to start with the tourist trips and visits to the Museum Muros de Agua as well as to different spaces to appreciate the biodiversity.

The vessel that arrived at the site is called "Islas Marías II", of which costs are unknown to date; however, it is expected to make a trip from Islas Marías to Mazatlán, Sinaloa with a duration of approximately two and a half hours. This is not the first ship to arrive at the San Blas dock, as in April of this year, the vessel "Isla María Madre" Bal-11 of the Secretary of the Navy (SEDENA), made the same trip.

Boats to the Islas Marias will depart twice a week from Mazatlan

The new tour to the Islas Marías will depart from Mazatlán twice a week, confirmed Mazatlán's Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fishing, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas. In this project, the destination has the possibility of attracting a new market, increasing the number of nights of stay, more significant economic revenue, and promotion.

"We know it will be a great product that will help the destination a lot because we will have two departures from Mazatlan to this new attraction and this will help the destination's corridors," he said.

Regarding the 4T Plan to revive passenger trains in the country, which includes the Pacific, taking advantage of the existing railway infrastructure, Velarde Cardenas said that it is a project under development, but that the plans do include the Mazatlan station, which would also be beneficial for this destination.

Mazatlan has many things to boast, including the new Aquarium and new tourism products both in the city and in the rural area, in addition to the fact that the Congress and Convention Bureau is about to be finalized to provide further impetus to that segment, which is very important for Mazatlán.