Two beautiful destinations, all options: Ixtapa or Veracruz


These are two beautiful destinations with a wide range of possibilities to enjoy, both with beaches, on the Pacific -Ixtapa, a village exclusively for tourism and bathed by the Atlantic -Veracruz, a great port city.


Ixtapa is a hotel complex located in the municipality of Zihuatanejo de Azueta, in the state of Guerrero, in the Costa Grande region. It is located 5km from Zihuatanejo, the head of the municipality. The word Ixtapa in the native Nahuatl language means "white place".

It was built in 1974, as a result of a government project, in response to international hotel demand, and was supported by the National Fund for Tourism Development. The architects Landa Enrique and Agustín, Concepción Rivera and Miguel Ángel Rojas participated in the design.

Currently, the former coconut plantation is a relevant tourist center with luxurious accommodations, villas, resorts and hotel chains, an option for the thousands of national and foreign tourists who buy packages from ixtapa, with all services included.

It is located on the South Pacific coast with beaches, surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars and the picturesque marine landscape with colorful fishing boats, the Morros de Potosí, the diving spots, swimming among dolphins. Very close to the picturesque and quiet town of Zihuatanejo, with its small cobbled streets, its tile roofs, and its 25 beautiful beaches.

Veracruz, the origin of modern Mexico

Veracruz, on the other hand, is located east of the oceanic basin of the Gulf of Mexico on the Atlantic Ocean. It belongs to the homonymous state of Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave and is known for its participation in the Independence of Mexico as "La Heroica Veracruz".


A joyful land, full of attractions, with magnificent sunsets to contemplate while taking a nice walk along its Malecón. Or discovering the popular traditional music in the zocalo and the portals of the city. Travelers usually buy packages to Veracruz for the hotel infrastructure, services and different combinations that can be made (of flights, accommodation, transfers etc.) when planning your trip.

Veracruz has a warm tropical climate which allows a relaxed enjoyment of the sea and sun on its beaches as:

Costa Esmeralda with a jungle environment

Antón Lizardo 23 km from the port near Boca del Río an option for diving among corals and fish.

Other very nice ones like Montepio, Chachalacas, Escondida.

Veracruz is home to a preserved natural area of reefs is a national marine park, with species of corals and abundant marine fauna, called the Veracruz Reef System.

The natives are called jarochos, they are very festive and friendly. You can visit here the historical center populated with colonial buildings and in a tour of the city a multitude of buildings, palaces, museums, towers, churches, art, and cultural centers among which are:

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption, the Bastion of Santiago, the Metropolitan area and the Port, General Manuel Gutierrez Zamora Park, the Aquarium, the Wax Museum, the Museum of the City of Veracruz, the Fort of San Juan de Ulua and many others.

Jarocha's gastronomy is a Spanish fusion with the native coastal one, with fresh fish and seafood and cornflour present in all meals, as well as an infinity of sweets and fruits, tropical juices and the typical toritos (made with sugar cane brandy, mixed with coconut, soursop coffee, peanuts).

In short, these are two beautiful destinations with a wide range of possibilities to enjoy, both with beaches, on the Pacific -Ixtapa, a village exclusively for tourism and bathed by the Atlantic - Veracruz, a great port city.

By Mexicanist Source