The singer Bad Bunny surpassed the record of the album Africa Speaks, by the guitarist Santana, which in its first week of release in 2019 sold 57 thousand units. Bad Bunny's second solo album, YHLQMDLG (Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana), set a record as the longest-selling Spanish-language album in the Billboard 200 top ten in the United States.

This was highlighted on Monday by the artist himself in a retweet from the Chart Data page, which every Sunday publishes the Billboard 200 listing. Bad Bunny, 26 years old and considered the top representative of the Latin trap, launched YHLQMDLG on February 29th. After its release, he set several records, including the highest-selling Spanish-language album in a week on Billboard's charts.

The other two records obtained by the Puerto Rican artist are the most streamed Latin album in a week and the most albums sold in the week of its release, since Billboard began tracking album sales on music platforms in December 2014. YHLQMDLG sold 179,000 units in the U.S. from its release on Feb. 29 to March 5, placing it second in the 200 best-selling albums - behind Lil Baby's My Turn - according to information provided to Billboard by Nielsen Music/MRC Data consulting firm.

Of the 179,000 units, 142,000 were in albums sold by streaming or musical platforms. The 179,000 units are equivalent to more than 200 million listeners on such music platforms as Spotify or Apple Music, as detailed. This total of units sold broke the record held by the legendary guitarist Santana and his album, Africa Speaks, which in its first week of release in 2019 sold 57,000 units.

YHLQMDLG has 20 songs, including collaborations with the also Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee, the duo of Jowell and Randy, Ñengo Flow, Yaviah, Kendo Kaponi, and Mora, as well as the Panamanian Sech, the Argentinean Duki, and the Chilean Pablo Chill-E.