The fire that occurred on Wednesday night at the famous nightclub Baby'O, located in Acapulco, was caused by fuel spilled inside, informed on Friday night the Attorney General's Office of the state of Guerrero.

In a press release, the Prosecutor's Office stated that it has given punctual follow-up to the facts related to the investigation file initiated for the crime of damages committed inside the nightclub, located on the coastal area of the popular seaside resort.

According to the experts, it is established that the fire was caused by fuel spilled inside the building", said the institution. Regarding the information contained in the video recording system, institution said that it was delivered to the Public Prosecutor's Office "with severe physical damage (unusable)".

However, the legal representatives of the company Discoteca Baby'O and San Javier productions, also delivered some fragments of "supposed videos" in an external storage memory, which will also be analyzed by expert services, "not knowing their origin and temporality".

The Prosecutor's Office indicated that for now, it is interviewing witnesses who could provide elements about the events that took place and regretted that "both the video recordings and some evidence data are first leaked to the media" and then reach the institution.

The above, after this Friday different media, published a video with images of the moment of the fire.