The Assassination of a Foreigner in a Cenote of Tulum-Cobá Highway

Foreigner dies in assault at Tzalam cenote in Tulum. The attack also left two people injured.

The Assassination of a Foreigner in a Cenote of Tulum-Cobá Highway
A woman is seen swimming in a centote in Yuctan Peninsula, Mexico. Photo: Yucatan

A foreigner was killed and two people were injured in a robbery perpetrated by two armed men at the Tzalam cenote, located at kilometer 3.5 of the Tulum-Cobá highway.

According to the information obtained, the alleged assailants entered the cenote, located a short distance from the facilities of the State Attorney General's Office, to steal objects from the offices, such as computer equipment, cell phones, and wallets.

The assailants were surprised by a woman and three men who, in reaction, pulled out a firearm and used it to kill a foreigner of U.S. origin, who opposed the robbery and wounded one of the workers.

The woman, identified as Catherine N., 27 years old, from the state of Hidalgo, was hit in the head with the handle of the firearm, leaving her injured.

After this, the victims called 911, so police officers and paramedics arrived, who transferred the injured to a private clinic; however, the foreigner died in the private hospital Costamed.

The State Attorney General's Office informed through its social networks that it has already initiated investigations into this violent incident.