AriGameplays: A Popular Gamer Streamer on YouTube and Twitch

One of the most successful influencers on Twitch is gamer star AriGameplays (Ari Gameplays). Find out who she is.

AriGameplays: A Popular Gamer Streamer on YouTube and Twitch
Arigameplays live on her Twitch channel. Image: screen capture

If you are a fan of video games, you probably know some live games of the Mexican streamer AriGameplays on YouTube or Twitch, one of the most profitable social networks. If you want to know more about the popular gamer, read on and find out all the details you've wanted to know about her.

Who is AriGameplays?

AriGameplays is one of the most popular streamers in Mexico and Latin America. Her real name is Abril Abdamari Garza Alonso. She began her studies in the Faculty of Communication Sciences but dropped out because of her success on the Internet. She is a gamer streamer of Minecraft, GTA V, Overwatch and Among Us on YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch, in this last platform, she was banned for 2 years. She is married to Juan Guarnizo since October 2019 a very famous youtuber as well.

On Instagram alone, Arigameplays accumulates more than 10 million followers.

Mexican gamer AriGameplays was born in Monterrey on February 28, 1998, so 2022 is her 24th birthday. Her favorite color is pink and her zodiac sign is Pisces.   In 2019, the Mexican gamer was banned from Twitch due to the necklines she used, however, the site's rules have changed and even created a category for "hot tub" streamers, which has allowed her to return two years later to her transmissions. On her official Twitter account, Arigameplays shared her measurements with her followers, revealing that she is 1.56 meters tall and weighs 57kg.

AriGamePlays with husband JuanSGuarnizo.
AriGamePlays with husband JuanSGuarnizo. Photo credit: Instagram

Arigameplays is set to participate this week in the Ibai Llanos Evening of the Year 2 boxing fight on Saturday, June 22, 2022, via Twitch. Time: Mexico: 11:00 (Central Time) Colombia: 11:00 Peru: 13:00 Argentina: 13:00 United States: 10:00 ET/ 8:00 PT.

Ari took the fight very seriously. Since it was announced she decided to go to a boxing gym to learn the basics and get in shape. So much so that she has even noticed changes in her body and declared herself ready to step into the ring.